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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28: Coupes and changes

How things change. This gorgeous Cadillac ATS coupe was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last week. A coupe. A body style that is really mandatory, if you are trying to compete with the 3 series or the C class. Changes? Just think how many coupes or two door cars that are available today. Start counting and you'll see that there aren't many, no matter who you are trying to compete with. Tradition says that Mercedes always has to have a big S class based two door, so they do........

Handsome and intimidating, but who is their competition? Nothing from BMW or Audi or Jaguar. Maybe it's Bentley. But there was a time, when every car line, no matter the size or price had to have a two door. Even the big American luxury barges had coupes, even though one wonders how sporty a big Caddy like this 1993 Coupe de Ville could be........

.......or going back a bit further to the late '70's for this Lincoln.......

.......huge back seats, but with restricted access. What's the point? I had a '75 Coupe de Ville that was bigger than my current home and friends struggled to get into that commodious back seat. Sporty? I think not, no matter how active your imagination.

Changes. So what has happened to the car market, that made the two door pretty much go away, with the odd exception and of course, sports cars? Do you think that we became more sensible? Why is there a Honda Accord coupe, but no comparable Camry or Altima or Mazda? Why has the coupe, a staple of every car line, become the exception instead of the rule. Showrooms don't need eye candy anymore?

Good question, but thank goodness for those companies that still build those hot looking two doors, like the ATS coupe or this new BMW 4 series. Sex on wheels? Maybe, but certainly a very cool looking set of wheels in which to arrive. And doesn't it say something about the driver?

Changes. Changes. Changes. But thank goodness some things stay the same.

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  1. Its amazing how much things have changed with cars in the past years. The cars are much smaller and sleeker compared to the huge boxy cars 30 years ago. I am still a fan of the older cars though. My boyfriend has been fixing his 71 SS Nova for some time now and its finally completed. I bought him American Racing Wheels that I found on sale as a surprise gift. I hope he likes them.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Those wheels will look great on his SS - good choice.