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Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb 28: Drive in and eat

Love your car so darn much, that you just can't bear to leave it, whether it's flying off a cliff or just going out for an evening meal or on a date? When you go to your favorite eatery, do you have to sit by the window, so that you can gaze lovingly at your shiny set of wheels or even better, watch those admiring glances as folks ooh and aah over your ride ("Oh look, a Ford Taurus!")? Seriously though, how many of you are just like me?

That's what I thought. And in past years there were millions more like us. So what could be better than actually eating right in your car (but carefully, please)? People walking by could see the discerning individual who owned that shiny Taurus.

Sure, what a great idea.......sit there and be served by beauties, who you and your cool friends could chat up, while she took your orders for fries, burgers and Clearasil........

Who wouldn't want to impress a clean living American beauty like this one? She has "farmed raised" and "corn fed" written all over her.

I remember those days.

The drive-ins competed for your business, as this old ad shows....."World's Most Beautiful Drive-in Restaurant". Pretty sweeping statement, but hey, judge for yourself.

Get a new car or just have had the old one washed and the first place to go was the local drive in restaurant. In my case, in Saint John, New Brunswick, it was the A&W, very similar to the one shown below. Nothing fancy, but most importantly, all your friends hung out there and you didn't have to leave your car.

Winter or Summer, showmanship knew no season. See and be seen by all. Even better than cruising the town square, which was a Summer only past time.

But whatever happened to those good ol' days? What made folks decide that eating inside was better? Maybe the weather? Maybe it was cleaner? But all is not lost, there are still a few bastions of the old days and the carhops even wear roller skates - now how retro is that? Behold this blast from the past.........

All the right ingredients, but it's probably just not the same. Thoughts?

Until next time.......

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