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Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11: Armoured and insane

Picture an idyllic New England town. Kind of like a place that time forgot. Too far from a major urban centre to be a bedroom community. Full of those traditional family values.......mom, apple pie and of course, the stars and stripes. Does such a place still exist? Sure thing, but these days, those values are well protected, well, at least they are in Keene, New Hampshire. A lovely little nook in the lee of the White Mountains. Just over 20,000 folks live here and practice those family values. But wait a minute.......what's that sound? A throaty, heavy duty diesel engine sound that is getting closer and closer, until this big bruiser rolls into sight.......

Yes, sir, this is the latest Lenco BearCat and when you see it coming, you'd better walk straight, boy. This is Keene, New Hampshire's latest piece of police equipment, bought at a price of slightly over $285,000. Doesn't every small town need a BearCat to keep those folks at the annual Pumpkin Festival (October 18, 2014) in line? Not to mention a raucous quilting bee, when those grannies have had a bit too much lemon tea.

I mean, what gives? Turns out Keene got a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, so didn't it make sense to buy a BearCat? Are these folks nuts?

Ontario Provincial Police's Armoured Beast
Yes, I can understand those tough as nails, big city cops needing one or the provincial/state police, but a little town in New Hampshire? This is why politicians should be kept away from the public purse.

Even Toronto's finest don't have anything quite this militaristic, just a heavily armoured Ford F450 with a box on the back. But check out what other big cities or municipalities are packing.......

Montreal's Tactical Unit
Durham Regional's Armoured Truck
Now you can feel safe when cruising thru Keene, New Hampshire this Summer. You'll know, that if any scofflaw is double parked, well, there just might be gun play, when Keene's big new Lenco BearCat rolls into the picture. Take out that offender before he flaunts the law one more time.

Good for you Keene, know your priorities.

Until next time.......

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