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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22: Lincoln - how things have changed

My, how things have changed for Lincoln over the years. To the right is the soon to be introduced 2015 MKX, their Ford Edge based crossover (isn't everything a crossover these days?). This new MKX is going to be previewed at this week's Beijing Auto Show. A couple of things are apparent with this intro, number one, how important the Chinese market is to all the car makers and number two, how important crossovers or suv's have become to every manufacturer. But back to Lincoln, think about their car lines for a moment.......

......if you can remember anything about a Lincoln car, it's probably this big, black Town Car that drove you to the airport for your last trip. Go to any North American big city airport and you can see lines of these taxi's lined up at the arrivals terminal. Well at least for the time being, as this model was discontinued a couple of years back. Keeping in mind that it's not unusual to put one million kms on them, we'll probably be seeing them for a while yet.

But it wasn't always this way (the history lesson is about to begin). Cars used to be be the driving force for Lincoln and they had some of the biggest and flashiest.......

When you thought about Lincoln back in the day, these are some of the models that came to mind. Lincoln trucks or suv's? You have got to be kidding.  -  that will never happen. Well, it didn't, until many thousand of these barges passed under the bridge..........

1977 Continental
 One huge land yacht after another throughout the '60's, '70's, '80's and '90's. When one thought Lincoln, one thought of an over done land yacht that could seat six in luxurious comfort. Even the airport limo business was a ways off, since Cadillac had it all wrapped up. As the 1990's came to an end, Cadillac was downsizing and also adding suv's, while Lincoln still had the crusty and trusty, old Town Car.
But, how things began to change. Lincolns became lightly modified, rebadged Ford models, until management made a decision to re-establish this brand as the respected, quality luxury model it had been years before. And as the 2000's progressed, any manufacturer wanting to add sales, had to go the suv route. Hence the new MKX being intro'd in China. But not simply one suv model, as the MKX joined the Navigator, the Navigator L and the MKT. One size fits all? Not a chance as this 2015 MKC, which is just now hitting the showrooms demonstrates.........

This is Lincoln's new smaller, luxury crossover, built to compete with the likes of the Cadillac SRX, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3 (and there are others). Who would have thought years ago, that luxury "trucks" would almost replace luxury cars as the way to make an impression in the market.

My how things have changed for Lincoln over the years.

Until next time.......

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