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Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25: What's new at Beijing Auto Show?

What's new at this week's 2014 Beijing Auto Show? Well, check out the mainstream media for the hottest new intros, such as that Lincoln that I blogged about on Tuesday or the VW New Midsize Coupe Concept (yes, that is actually its name). But today's blog is about going deeper into the show, to find the cars that only the Chinese and maybe a few other nations will ever see - at least for now. But one of these days, the Chinese cars will head this way and when they do, watch out.

This somewhat old, but imposing looking model is the latest Hongqi L5. Expect to see one on every Beijing street? Unlikely, as this car is only made for the very top politicos in China. A bit of a throw back, but ready to roll and note that it is compete with flag stands.

Want something a little more conventional and affordable? Then check out this new Haval H2, from Great Wall (great name). From the side, a lot like a BMW X1, but definitely not from the front.

Or what about this Haima S5 (pic courtesy of Car News China.com).......

A unique front end matched to a very Ford Escape looking side view. But hey, so many cars look alike these days, that you can't necessarily accuse the H5 of being a Ford copy (well maybe you can). Copying designs is/was quite common here, but that will have to change, when, not if, they decide to play in the European and North American markets.

Think electric is the way to go? Then the Dongfeng E30L is right up your alley. A bit smart car looking or just plain strange in its own way?

Or maybe you've always like the Mini, but just can't seem to get enough coin together to park one in your driveway or by your rice paddy? I have the answer.......

........not quite a Mini, the updated Lifan 330 could easily be mistaken for one, although the grille is a give away. You may remember seeing the pic I took of one in Russia last year and showed in an August, 2013 blog.

Wish Camry had a limo (you might be the only one)? Then look no further than the Chang'an Raeton Limousine Concept. A stretched version of the Camry look alike Raeton sedan. Watch out Hongqi, is this your new competition?

Just how important is the market in China? Well take a look at this Australian designed, bigger suv, that Ford has built primarily for the Oriental market.........

Unlikely that we'll ever need to see it in North America, since we have the Escape, the Edge, the Explorer and the Expedition, but the fact that they are introducing it to China speaks volumes.

Or maybe you'd like a compact pick-up truck? This is the JMC Yuhu (cute name), which Jiangling Motors Co. Ltd showed this week. Actually, this truck has been around for a few years and is used extensively by the police in China. Would you like to be pulled over by a Yuhu?

Let's wrap up this blog with a little class and one more pic of the "for big shots only" L5. When the Chinese car makers come to North America in force, do you think the US president would want an armoured version?

Come to think of it, it he did have one, it certainly would have to be armoured.........and very heavily.

Until next time........

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