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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8: Mustang rises above

Here it is, the fabulous new for 2015 Mustang, celebrating 50 years of fame and sales success. Introduced in April, 1964 to much fanfare at the New York World's Fair. So what is the deal with the badly wrapped 2015 convertible in this pic? Well, way back in '64, the Mustang's intro at the fair was big news, but Ford wanted even more publicity. Something that had never been done before. Something that was truly fantastic.

What could possibly "top" a world's fair intro? How about putting a new Mustang on top of the world's tallest building? Interesting, but how to do it? Have a helicopter drop it onto the observation deck? No, not enough room to manoeuvre and the winds would make it way too risky. What to do? Well, there are elevators.......

......sure that makes sense, if the Mustang were much smaller, like say, one third of its size. Idea!!! Let's cut it into three pieces and reassemble it again on the observation deck. Problem solved. But how do we cut
this car up and, well you know the rest........

Cut up Mustang in the Engineering Dept
Test fitting the sections
But that's exactly what Ford did. The Mustang was strategically cut into three sections, that could easily be reassembled once it arrived at the observation tower. A lot of work for a ten day display, but hey, you only get to introduce a groundbreaking car once.......

......and just think of all the great publicity. Well, I'm an avid car guy and I don't remember Ford doing this (for what it's worth). But this sure makes for some great shots  -  wonder where the colour film was?

Now back to that wrapped 2015 Mustang at the beginning of this blog. Ford figures if this stunt worked once, 50 years later it can work again. So back to the engineers and have them once again strategically cut up a Mustang. Little bit harder this time, as the car is bigger, but time and money can solve any problem.

And maybe the pics will be in colour this time around.

Update: April 16th........

Yeaaaa! It is in colour and what a back drop.

Until next time.......

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