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Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10: How big is BIG?

How big is BIG? Good question. Recently a very good and longtime client took delivery of a big Ford F-250 Heavy Duty Crew Cab pick-up. To both of us, this was one huge truck and the driver seemed like he was king of the road. But just how big was his F-250? From the perspective of my client, his F-250 was a monster, let the other cars on the road step aside, he was coming thru. But just how big was big?

A little research turned up some rather spectacular BIG trucks, that might make my client's Ford seem like a toy........

 Like this one, which for reference has a big pick-up and a big sport ute parked alongside. Now that is one huge truck. How about that hooked up to my client's fifth wheel travel trailer? Forget the hitch, just put it in the dump. Lots of room.......

 ........as you can see from this overhead shot of another brute, this one from the Russian company Belaz. How big? Take a look at the car that is dangerously close in the pic below. If there were scales nearby, this baby would top them at 450 metric tons! The world's biggest mining truck. Try parking that at the grocery store. Or for the ultimate test, paralled parking. Yippee!

 The big F-250 is being put into perspective isn't it? Want to pull up to your local gas station and fill 'er up? My recommendation is to bring along a good book, since you are going to be engaged for quite a long while. Wonder if it comes with its own washroom?

Or how about this beast from Caterpillar, that can carry the entire work crew on its front bumper? Small by comparison with the Belaz, but still on the large side. Just don't get the driver mad, since road rage takes on a whole new meaning and it ain't good........

 Give this guy the horn and you just might find yourself stomped on.

Prefer something in an extra large size, but North American iron is more up your alley?

Then you are a candidate for this Terex Titan, which bills itself as the world's biggest truck. The Russians say the same thing about their big brute, so maybe a shoot out is required.........

Watch out boys, there is a new gun in town and he's got earth moving on his mind.

So everything is relative (unless, of course, it isn't). My client's BIG F-250, isn't so big, is it? But then again, how many Belaz or Caterpillar or Terex monsters are roaming our streets for comparison purposes?

Until next time.......

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