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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29: Little Deuce Coupe

Those of us of a certain age remember. We remember the hot rod songs of the early '60's. We remember the Beach Boys and one of their best know car songs, Little Deuce Coupe ("......if she had a set of wings, I know she could fly......"). They even named the album after that song and featured it on the album cover. But what about that car? Did you think it was just some old stock photo of a generic hot rodded '32 Ford? Not a chance and this brings us to the reason for today's blog.

On July 18th, Mike, the remaining half of the famed Alexander Brothers car customizers, died in his home town of Detroit. Mike and Larry Alexander were well know for their very clean looking customs, as opposed to the gaudy work of California's George Barris. The Alexanders did much of the custom work on the Silver Sapphire, the actual Little Deuce Coupe, a car owned by Chili Catallo and featured in many of the magazines of the day, such as Hot Rod.........

 Chili made the cover along with his famous ride. But Larry and Mike did many more famous customs, like the Deora Dodge........

The top pic shows the starting truck and the result, while the bottom is the glamour shot. Very clean, very classy. Both of these vehicles are still around, having been restored, and are featured at many of the prestigious auto shows and concours (how things change).

I met Mike Alexander about six years ago at a custom car show, that featured a few of his famous creations. It was interesting chatting with him and telling him how much I had liked he and his brother's work.

Amazing what came out of this innocuous little shop in Detroit.........

The Golden Indian

And the interiors always had to be as striking as the outside........

Interior of the Golden Indian
Among the most famous of the Alexander Brothers work was the El Matador (not to be confused with the later American Motors car of the same name)........

Who would have thought that these custom cars of he '50's and '60's would remain with us today? And who would have thought that a blogger in 2014, would be moved to write a tribute about a couple of customizers from fifty years ago? And who would have thought that the Little Deuce Coupe was anything other than a throw away lyric in a song?

RIP, Larry and Mike, you gave us a lot to enjoy.

Until next time.......

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