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Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4: July 4th

I'm a born and bred Canadian, but today is July 4th, so a great big Happy Birthday to our neighbours (excuse the Canadian spelling) to the south. What better way to celebrate, than to look at a few very patriotic cars, starting with one of the most American of past times, NASCAR........

Who else but Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing (owned by the famous football coach), would paint up their race car to celebrate this special day? Of course, wouldn't it be better if it was a Chevrolet or Ford, instead of a Toyota? But hey, such is life in these current times and that Toyota factory is in the US heartland and employs US workers. So there!

Now here is another icon proudly wearing the flag.........

........and how much more iconic can one get than the best selling vehicle in the US of A, the Ford F-150? Please stand at attention when this one rolls by, hand on your heart (the one on your left hand side).

But it doesn't have to be American to stand proud.......

.........want to guess which famous high roller decided to paint their Rolls red, white and blue? Correct, it was done in 1976 for Liberace's Vegas show at the Hilton. The flamboyant pianist drove on stage and jumped out in a red jumpsuit with a white feathered cape (where else can you read this stuff?). Wondered if he upstaged his patriotic Roller?

Yeah, this is more like it.........the Mustang horse galloping across the front end of one of the most American of cars. Nothing says, Happy Birthday quite like a 'Stang emblem adorned with the Stars & Stripes. What could possibly top this for patriotism?

Yes, just what I was thinking........a field of Corvettes flying low (actually standing still) in a flag formation, all that is missing is the actual fifty stars. But what is with that off shade of blue Vette in the upper left corner?

Ah, patriotism. No matter what one says or thinks of the US of A, their citizens love their country and wear that love out in the open. Their love of country is something of which I've always been envious. Not sure I could have done this blog with Canadian flag painted cars (just Googled it and nothing came up).

So let's finish off today's tribute to the United States with a little humour (again a Canadian spelling)........

Oops, wrong picture..........

Don't eat too much cake, my southern friends and enjoy your party.

Until next time...........

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