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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15: What's next Bentley?

Franay Bentley
Back in its golden years (some would argue that they are right now), Bentley was embraced by many of the top coachbuilders of the day. They would design custom one off cars for those with discerning tastes, those who wanted something different and of course, those with money money money. So it was interesting to read a story a couple of days ago in AutoWeek (a great bi-weekly magazine, by the way), that Bentley is considering a bespoke division, that would provide their clients with their own special car. How far would the term "special" extend is not clear, but interesting that they would be looking to make their exclusive cars even more so.

Over the years, there have been a number of unusual Bentley's made for someone's specific taste, like this Buccaneer coupe. But often times, the designs are questionable, as is someone's taste, like this Empress II by Hooper........

A few were built and regardless of the angle, graceful or beautiful are not words one would use to describe this ultra expensive ride. But then again in the case of the shooting brake below, a design house, in this case Touring, will come up with a beauty and mass produce it for general consumption to the very, very rich.........

By the way, "mass production" in the case of this Bentley Flying Star means a grand total of nineteen max. Not sure of the price, but if you have to ask.......

Or a coach builder like Zagato will do a one off for a special show or event, like this beauty based on the current Continental GT. A very nice rendition of a great design and a great car.

So what does the current Bentley Motor Cars have in mind? Full on custom body work or more subtle things, like an interior redesign or a very special exterior colour.

Something relatively subtle like this black and cream example or something more over the top, like this in your face job done for a middle eastern oil prince.......

I 100% guarantee you that no one, absolutely no one, will get into this Bentley without commenting on its interior. Like it? Well it is different and depending on the outside colour, maybe. Who cares, though, since I can't afford to buy the back seat let alone the front and the car to go with it.

So what will Bentley decide to do if anything at all, which is unlikely as this sort of work is a real cash cow.

Let me finish off today's blog with one more exclusive custom, done by Pininfarina a few years back. Typical of this company, it is tasteful and not overdone (except for the price). Production model? Nope, but you can bet that it now resides in the middle east somewhere, the beneficiary of oil money changing hands.

So readers, start saving and be the first on your block with a different Bentley!

Until next time.......

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