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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov 11: A Scion?

 The Toyota Auris. Not a bad looking car. Very reminiscence of the late Toyota Matrix, that versatile little hatch that Toyota shared with Pontiac for several years. Interesting fact: the Pontiac version was sold in Japan as the Toyota Vitz, the Matrix was not sold there. But I digress. Autoweek recently reported that this model was coming to North America badged as a Scion. Badged as a Scion? What is with Toyota?

Scion was started in 2002 as a way to connect with the Gen Y crowd, who were not too interested in the typical dealership sales techniques or the typical Toyota automobile. Hard to differentiate the name from Toyota, when they were sold out of the same building, but there was some early success........


.........the funky little xb breadbox really had youth appeal and it became the norm to personalize them, like the black one above. Although only available in the US, many found their way into Canada, such was the demand for this little cutie. Maybe Scion could work after all. Ah, but not so fast. When it came time to update the xb and also to bring the Scion name to Canada, here is the result.......
This bigger and uglier xb appealed to Toyota, but few others. Ungainly, but not in a good way, these models remained nailed to the showroom floor and the Scion brand withered on the vine. In Toronto, I've never sold a Scion or even had anyone ask about them. The soon to be discontinued iQ, also sold like mouldy bread. Finally, with their new sports coupe (shared with Subaru), Scion has a winner, but can it save the brand? What the heck is the Scion brand anyway at this point?

So now back to that Auris, which reportedly will arrive here as a Scion. Does Toyota really think that, this model will bring the youth market back and invigorate the brand? If I were them, I'd look at what succeeded initially and also the success Kia has had with their Soul. Interesting and funky designs.

I have an idea for Toyota. Take a look at what you have in your product line in other parts of the world. Anything fit the "funky" description? How about the Porte and Spade twins. The former is sold in Toyota/Toyopet dealerships, while the Spade is sold in Corolla/Netz stores, both in Japan. How do they look?


Cute? Funky? Wouldn't they do better under the Scion sign? They even come in AWD versions. And they also have a very unique feature........

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this little car has only one door on the passenger side (remember Japanese cars drive on the right). Boy, would these little cuties get folks' attention and in my opinion, the attention of the youth market, Toyota so covets and needs.

Wouldn't this be a terrific seller and make Scion stand out from the crowd? Something different than just another nice Toyota, but carrying a Scion badge like the Auris (and where does Toyota get names like this or Yaris?). So, may I be so bold, as to say loudly, "Wake up, Toyota!", and get this car stateside asap.

All I ask, is a nice thank-you card after the first sales results come in.

Until next time.......

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