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Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 14: Worth duplicating?

Some things are worth duplicating and of course, some things are not. When was the last time, you saw an update of the Pontiac Aztec (hey, Barry, haven't you picked on the Aztec enough already?)? But there are other cars that, have tributes done for them many times. Take for example the stunning, Bugatti 57S Atlantic from the 1930's......

This art deco design from 1937 was, as they say, pure. Those voluptuous pontoon front fenders announce the arrival of this car like no amount of trumpeting could possibly do. The sensuous long hood and short rear deck make a wonderful design statement. Duplicated, but never equaled? Well, let's see........

This replica has added a few differences, like coach builders such as Franay of France might have done. Franay seemed to add those over the top front and rear fenders on many of their designs. Better than the original? Personal opinion, of course but, to me this design comes across as a little too heavy handed, but still rather spectacular.

Well then, what about a tribute to the tribute......

Amazing what one can do to an '80's Corvette (C4 to be exact), when time and money are relatively limitless. Almost a dead ringer for the other tribute car, seen below in the same colour as the 'Vette version. Can you imagine trying to park this example? Or hustle it around a few tight corners? By the way, a cool $65,000 buys you this Corvette based custom, recently advertised in Hemmings. Before you go off the deep end about that price, think about this......the original, of which there are several, has sold for between $30 and $40 million US in 2010. So the tribute car's price is less than pocket change to one individual.

The original is such a tasteful design, that style icon, Ralph Lauren, has one in his collection. I do as well, but the scale is much smaller.

So, folks, what other cars come to your mind as worth duplicating?

Until next time......

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