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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov 4: The Car Modelling Cat and a Ford

 This is the culprit. This is the reason that, the CMC (Car Modelling Cat) and I have not shown you a model that we've just completed for a few months (May 6th). This is the Pro Mod drag racer, Jukebox Ford, which should have been an interesting kit to build. Interesting, yes, kit quality, no. So after being stalled, for what seemed like forever, we have put it aside and moved on to a more modeler friendly project. One, that I could get my teeth into and the CMC, her paw. Like several of our builds, this one has a bit of history.

This 1961 Ford Galaxie is the type of kit that we both like to build. No engine and not a lot of chassis detail, so we can ignore those (we usually do anyway) and concentrate on highly detailing what we can see, when it is sitting on a shelf. Folks in the hobby call these curbside models. So after much aggravation, we moved on to this redo of an old kit. Originally produced in '61, this kit has recently been reproduced, exactly as it was back in the day, right down to the box art. And being a car from the '60's, the CMC really got into it........

Always a willing helper, the little dear adds her personal touch to everything we build together (like maybe a cat hair in the paint). Black with red interior  -  a '60's favorite. Compare our work to the real thing or at least, its brochure rendition. Note that every piece of chrome has been accurately applied to our model.......

Now for the history part.........the other car showing in the background, is also this kit, but it is the custom version and it was built by my older brother way back in 1961........

I sure know which one that I prefer. Note that our current model is accurate, even down to the chrome Galaxie script on the trunk lid. I wonder if my brother will remember building the other one way back when?

So now we are on a roll again. Maybe sometime in the future, the Jukebox Ford will be completed, but hey, life is too short to waste on aggravation.

Until next time........

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