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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 10: Get away from it all

Earth Cruiser
Have a yen to get away from it all? Take to the idyllic, way off the beaten path trails, like all those suv commercials show? Go to where no man or woman has ever set foot? Well, for sure, you won't be doing that in your brand new sport ute, since it probably only has the capability to venture lightly off road (your driveway?). No, what you need, is a big bruiser of a 4x4 truck. The downside, is that you also would like to have most of the comforts of home, so a tricked out Jeep, just won't cut it. No, what you need is one of those really tough off road RV's. Know what I'm talking about? Neither did I, until I read about a couple of companies recently.

Picture yourself finding a beach that, is well away from civilization, like in the pic above. This shows the Earth Cruiser, a very well respected Australian big (well, not that big) bruiser 4x4 RV, a go anywhere kind of home away from home. Who cares that, your $300k vehicle is buried up to its axles in sand (look closely), you know that, getting out will be child's play for this rig.

Ponder the unknown adventures you can have, as you survey the wilderness before you. Do you go left, go right or straight ahead? There are no obstacles to the Earth Cruiser. Watch that gas gauge though, as there are also, no gas stations this far from civilization. Not surprising that, an Aussie company developed this beast, what with all Australia's open spaces. One can see a kangaroo miles ahead.

I'm guessing that the Earth Cruiser's motto is, "Never Gets Stuck". By the way, the roof raises to give any tall adventurer, lots of extra head room. Just like at home.

But, the Earth Cruiser is not the only "way off road" RV that, you can buy. An American company, has also developed a line of heavy duty RV's. Theirs are called the Earth Roamer (wonder where they got that name?). They have a different take on their design........

.......either built onto the back of a heavy duty crew cab pick-up or on to a big rig. But both of these brands have one thing in common, they'll go just about anywhere. Of course, that big Ford F-750, might be better suited for those rather wide open spaces, as opposed to a narrow mountain trail. No matter, no one else will be there with you.

One caveat to that last comment........I find it rather funny, that folks buy these bruisers to get away from it all, and then go somewhere with a lot of other people (see in the background). Oh well, getting away from it all must mean different things to different folks.One thing is for sure, all of you have some extra coin to toss around, as Earth Roamers go from about $300-$600k. Big money anywhere.

I wonder what the "Leave No Trace" folks think of these bruisers cruising thru the hinterlands? I think those scouts that, we used to see in the old cowboy movies, might not find it too much of a challenge to follow the trail of either an Earth Cruiser or an Earth Roamer.

So, to sum up, if you have the money, there is no longer any excuse for your not being able to get away from it all. Go where no person has gone before. Do everything, but climb Mt. Everest, although, this fellow below, might be a candidate to try it.

Go for it and live large, folks.

Until next time.......

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  1. You've got a good point, Barry. There are fewer and fewer places to really get away from it all these days. I had a fifth wheel RV until it got to the point where I could hear the neighbors three doors down tearing toilet paper in the latrine. Then the couple across the campground having an argument because the black exhaust from the diesel engine seeped into the RV and stunk the place up, not to mention blackening the dishes. No, I sold the RV and now just like to go for long drives with my better half. Go visit the grandkids (in New Mexico, or Calgary) and just enjoy the drive. Other than that, I'm a car person who likes car people, so I love 'getting away from it all' to the local swap meet (just wrapped up our Early Bird on the 14th) and taking the old cars out for a run. But I can appreciate those who still hanker for complete isolation.