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Friday, February 6, 2015

Feb 6: Intercar Modena - Hearses to die for!

Look, let's not debate this point, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Now I'm not talking about what I'm experiencing, after having recent surgery to remove my prostate. No, I'm talking about when you breathe your very last breath. Time was that, after you'd seen that very bright light at the end of the tunnel, you could look forward to a relaxing (as if you'd care) last ride in the back of a very ostentatious, black Cadillac hearse. But, hey, we are car folks and we deserve, not necessarily better, but something with more character. We want to go out in style. Well, fear not, our saviour (small "s") has arrived.

This little company, tucked away in the north of Italy, has been making dream hearses for those among us, who even if we didn't make much of a statement while alive, wouldn't mind making one, as we go to our final reward (or a sweatshop, depending on your beliefs).

When the Polish president died, he sure went in grand style in a hearse from Intercar Modena. Check it out........

You got it, this is a Maserati. No question that this made a statement on the president's final ride. Are those folks pining for their lost leader or simply trying to get a better look at this super hearse?

Not quite your style? Need something just as fancy, but with an entirely different vibe? Mercedes Benz always appealed to you? Well, Intercar Modena has handcrafted your ride of choice........

Elegant, with some extra lines to make it standout from the run of the mill hearse that, populates most of Europe. If this was the "63" version, even better. Hearing that powerful motor snap, crackle and pop as it eased you to your grave, would be remembered fondly for years.

With a little pre-departure planning, you could even visit Intercar Modena's factory to see how your final ride was made. Nothing like a knowledgeable cadaver.

Like something a little more accessible to the common folk that, populated your life? Ok, then try this one on for size.........

Recognize it? Well, it started out as a Chrysler 300, but was sold in Italy for a while as a Lancia, which is what this hearse aspires to be (the grille is the giveaway). A classic name on a classy ride.

Or do you want something even more practical? Nothing says "family man", than a transformed van........

But let's go back to the beginning. This is a blog for car guys and gals, so we want the best and most interesting rides. That Maser is right up our alley, so check out its specs and see whether it will work for you.

If not, then maybe your ultimate final ride is one that Intercar Modena currently doesn't build, but someone else does. Never mind, I'm sure that they would build one of these Ferrari's just for you (but with much more style). Now, of course, in this case size does matter and this company, asks that you provide coffin measurements to make sure that you'll fit (nothing comes easy, eh?).

No reason to be depressed that, your wonderful life is coming to an end and your final good-bye will be a whimper, when you really want it to be a loud "hurrah". Time to do some pre-planning. Check out what's available in your city and make that final trip a memorable one.

Until next time......


  1. All impressive but when that time comes for me to take that final ride (and I hope that's still going to be many years from now), it's going to be in the back of one of my old pickups. I want it to be my '47 Ford but it could be my '79 GMC or my '35 Ford. Whatever, for me, that will be my way to go out in style. I might add that I know a lot of guys who have gone out that way. And I can't help but think: 'Special cars and limos are for the conformists. A final tour in the back of a classic pickup? That's the classiest way to make that final trip.'

    1. Sounds like a down to earth way to go, George. Maybe my brother-in-law should go out in the back seat of a police car.