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Friday, February 27, 2015

Feb 27: Audi - when 8 is not enough

The late 1970's Audi 5000. Audi's first attempt to build a more luxurious and higher end car to compete with the BMW's and Mercedes of the world. My father-in-law had one for himself and one for his wife. Surprising, since he was not really a cutting edge kind of guy. Cutting edge? Well, not really, but it was more expensive than what Audi buyers had been used to. Quality? Not so much, actually quite dismal. Resale? Not so much either. Anyway, Audi tried the upper end of the market for many years, until they got firmly planted there with their A8.

What I call the luxury car for discerning buyers, those folks who are not intoxicated by the three pointed star or the blue and white propeller. Quietly showing their hard earned cash with the A8, which has evolved into a formidable luxury car. Sure the higher end S Class is not too worried about Audi's inroads, but some of the other companies are on notice.

But when is 8 not enough? As the monied folks of this world get more money, they need and yearn for ways to spend it, so the car companies are looking for ways to take advantage of that yearning. Case in point, Mercedes' new Maybach.

So, for Audi the A8 may not be enough car. What to do? Even a grade school kid knows that, if 8 is not enough, then go to 9........

This may or may not be the car that Audi plans to build as the A9, but it shows their design direction. Called the Prologue (clever, eh?). And like Cadillac, Audi has been teasing the auto show world with this concept for the past year. Just maybe, if you were heading out to buy your "once every ten years" Mercedes, you'd hold off for another year, in case this beauty was unleashed on the world.

The important Geneva show will be held shortly, so Audi is at it again, but this time the Prologue is an Avant (station wagon for those unfamiliar with Audi terminology)......

This sure would be a first for a high end luxury model. But, hey, the A7 is a very large fastback and it sells, so why not a big and expensive wagon? And what a wagon! This version is even more striking than the coupe and that takes some doing. Would we ever see it in North America? Good question, but my educated guess would be, not a chance in h____.

And if Audi called it a "station wagon", you might as well start digging its grave now.

The main point with both of these concept vehicles, is to give notice that Audi is serious about venturing even more upmarket. Unlikely, it would start with either of these two show cars, more than likely a sedan would get the nod. These cars though, do get people's interest and by virtue of their designs, will garner lots of publicity for Audi and their upcoming A9.

When is 8 not enough? Well, you can see it sure isn't, when you have a gorgeous, new, uber luxury car waiting for its world debut.

Until next time......

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