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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb 3: Nissan: To the Max

 Good old Nissan, when things get tough, the tough get going. Let's talk about their full size sedan, the Maxima. For many years, this car was the mainstay of their line up, a steady, guaranteed seller. Then along came the thoroughly redone, updated, bigger and cool looking Altima. Oops! No reason to buy a Maxima at a premium price, for a car that was about the Altima's size and with an older design. The Maxima languished for several years, even after it was itself redone. What to do? The pic on the right shows a concept that came out a while back, hinting at an upcoming Maxima style.

But first let's go back in time........

........back to the mid-'80's. The first Maximas landed in North America. A very competent, up market sedan from Nissan. Those in the know quickly found out that this was no ordinary Japanese car, as it had real performance and it handled. Not something generally associated with those cars from the east. A new sports sedan was born.

Nissan continued the tradition with subsequent Mazimas. Bigger than the mundane Altima and with some street cred. As I said above, a strong seller year after year. But it was a little more expensive than its competition. If you thought that was the Accord and the Camry, then it was several thousand more. The Altima was kind of a forgotten and smaller rival to those other brands. That changed in 2003. The Altima grew up and sold very well. The Maxima withered. Even when it was redone about five years ago........

......it didn't set the world afire. Looked great, but was priced against Infiniti's G37. Gee, who the heck was going to buy a Maxima instead of a G? I rented a Maxima in 2011, when I went to a family reunion in New Brunswick. Dark cherry with a cream interior. Everyone commented on its great looks, but when I tried to hustle it around a corner, it floated like a Camry. Oh my, how things had changed.

But when things get tough, the tough get going. Nissan's Murano also had grown old, so a new and edgy design came to market this Fall featuring Nissan's design philosophy going forward........

So now it was the Maxima's turn. The concept in the top picture hinted at the upcoming redesign, but wasn't it a bit far out? Would Nissan do this wild child?

Anyone watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and who stayed for those famous ads, saw the answer to the Maxima question........

Sure the colour is more subdued, but the style is almost the same as the original concept (way to go Nissan). And very much from the same family as the new Murano. So how will it be received? How will it handle? How will it be priced? Important questions to be sure, but let's give Nissan credit for being gutsy enough to let the designers make something that, has no resemblance to any other car on the market ("Hey guys, let's make a statement!").

As always, stay tuned. The answers to these questions will be forthcoming in a few months.

Until next time.......

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