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Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15: The Imperial Cat

A touch dramatic? I'll say, but oh so typical of the ads from the 1950's. Both the ads and the cars they showed were usually way over the top. I mean, just look at this pic. The elegant couple, sure, that's expected, but those columns? And that eagle insignia? A bit extreme? Yeah, no question it's a bit extreme, quite a bit. On the other hand, these were arguably more interesting than many of today's car ads. A matter for debate for another day and another blog? Stay tuned.

Anyway, these chrome laden boats from that era, are great subjects for the Car Modelling Cat and me to show off our skills(?). Putting our best paw forward, so to speak.

And so, this brings us to today's blog and another example of the model making of my famous(?) Car Modeling Cat.........


.......the 1959 Imperial two door hardtop. Modelled in the typical '50's colour of mauve. Can you imagine a new BMW 7 series rolling off the line in this shade? That being said, I've recently seen a new Bentley Flying Spur (gotta love those names) in a similar shade and also a Porsche Panamera in a very bright, 50's shade of green. And I'll tell ya, neither one was a shining example of how these cars should look (well, maybe we shouldn't get too far off discussion about the butt ugly Panamera?).

As usual, the CMC and I try to highlight every bit of chrome, which made these cars stand out so much. Detail the exterior and forget about what's under the hood. This was not a particularly good kit, but I think we did a good job of bringing it to life.

Another of those '50's ads, showing this boat in all its shining, pink, glory. Compare this to our rendition.......

No question, I'd take the mauve one.And by the way, if you think that this car was tasteless and over wrought, just check out its competition of the day, the huge finned Cadillac and the just plain big and sculpted Lincoln. This Imperial almost looks subdued by comparison.

My dear little buddy, the Car Modelling Cat, and I will be taking a break from modelling, for what I think might be a few months. My wife and I have just bought a condo, which means that my basement car room, will be relocated to a new location. I'm excited about what the new place has to offer, but after finishing this build, we will be packing up all our treasures for the move. Unpacking and then off to France for two and a half weeks, so it will probably be September, until we get to work together on another project (I'm sure you'll survive, not hearing about one of our builds).

Until next time........


  1. Pretty hard to beat the American indulgence of the 50s. My late friend had a '59 Imperial back when it wasn't so cool to have a luxury car ('69). White with a red leather interior, it was hard to beat. Now fast-forward 50 years and the base models have similar equipment to these old barges. But they'll never have the charm.

  2. George, I've blogged about cars these days and how their designers have often copied other models in several ways, so much so, that it is hard to tell them apart (Subaru Legacy and Hyundai Sonata are you listening?). Never happen back in the day.