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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5: VW - hey, what about us?

So what the heck is a "sirocco"? If you are a car person, the first thing that comes to mind is the VW sports coupe that, first came to our shores way back in 1974. If you are a meteorologist or someone familiar with winds, then you think of the one that blows sand off of North Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. Funny thing with VW, but they have often named their cars after African climate conditions or nomadic tribes. Oh well, that's their thing apparently. But what about the Sirocco car?

The first one was a cool looking coupe that, might have been considered a poor man's Bimmer or a Mustang/Camaro alternative for those looking for something a little more exotic. Just a neat little coupe......

......and one that would out handle most cars in its class. The Sirocco stayed with us until 1992, with one resign, but still keeping the look and feel of the original......

......a little smoother, as per the styling of this era. This car was a mainstay in VW's line up, but as with any fashion accessory and coupes tend to be just that, they gradually wither and die, unless their designs are constantly updated. This is often hard to justify based on the smaller numbers, in which these type of cars typically sell.

In 1988, VW chose to do a complete redo of the Sirocco, including for some unknown reason, its name........

Behold the Corrado, which was introduced in '88 and run until 1995. Not sure why VW overlapped the Sirocco for four years, since these cars were basically the same type, appealing to the same type of person. Greater minds than mine?

So flash forward to the past few years and VW decided to reintroduce the Sirocco in 2009.


Better looking than ever, this great looking coupe has never found it way to North America. Why you ask? Good question and that is exactly what I wonder. VW is a growing brand, it gets lots of respect (even with questionable quality) and its Golf GTI versions are fervently sought after, not to mention the worshipped R version.

So hey, VW, what about us? Couldn't you spare a few thousand to send our way? Any German coupe that is this good looking deserves to be seen at your local VW dealership.It's not that there are so many sold in Europe, as I think I've only seen a handful (if that) in my travels.

So, everything that's old is new again? And once again, VW, what about us?

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  1. I sometimes find it strange that certain models of cars don't make it to North America too. I recall a friend who had visited Japan some years ago. He told me about the Corolla which was popular there only under a different model name. The jist he got from others was that is that Toyota used a name that the locals could pronounce.

    But there are some European makes that apply a different moniker to the models shipped over here. For example I THINK the VW 'Rabbit' was only sold here.

    And VW's choice of model names. My boss bought a VW Tourag SUV. I always thought that Tourag was the name for a nomadic tribe of thieves and scavengers in northwestern Africa.

  2. George, you are bang on with the "touareg" definition. Maybe, that is why so many of the companies have gone to those confusing letter/number names. Nobody can read anything into a 123ABC designation. Here's an interesting tidbit.....Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe were the same car with different sheetmetal, but in Japan, Toyota sold the Pontiac version, not their's and called it the Vitz. Go figure.