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Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8: Now, that's just plain weird

A couple of years ago, I blogged about "art cars". You know, those strange cars, over which some happy soul has attached a million pennies or 10,000 Barbie Dolls or just about anything else that one can imagine. Unusual to be sure. Tasteless or just tacky? Well, there is that old adage about beauty being in the eye, but what the hey, half the fun is in the comments made about these very individualistic rides. Time to take another look? Not really, but I ran across a bunch of cars that, go beyond the normal individual's eccentricities. Cars that are worth poking a bit or a lot of fun at.

Where to start? Where to start?

Ok, how about a PT Cruiser? This one isn't making so much of an arty statement, as it is getting the attention of 100% of the drivers, who come across its somewhat terrifying front end. Personally, I think it's funny, but last Halloween, a bunch of folks took exception to those fake(?) arms hanging out of a car's trunk. Each to his own, when macabre humour rears its ugly head.

Or what about this upside down creation? Look closely and you'll see a windshield, a steering wheel, and an extra set of tires, but until you do.......what the heck happened here? Really well done and very creative. My guess, based on that windshield, is that this was once a K car convertible, before it morphed into this topsy turvy  Ford F-150.

Time to get a little more bizarre.......

Tell me, who hasn't yearned for a Corvette? I see quite a few hands go up. And who hasn't thought that, putting an old car's front end on one would be a terrific idea? Not as many go up this time.........actually, I count only one. Love to know the thought process that, brought about this weird one, or maybe I'm better off not knowing. Whatever. Those steer horns add a nice down home touch, don't you think?

Ok, so let's jump into the really deep end of this cesspool and see what comes up........


What can I say? A car for those among us, who are undecided about whether they want a convertible or a hardtop. Should it be made out of metal or wood? Should it have an entirely different design on each side or not? I know these are questions that, I often ponder when planning my next ride.

But just how twisted can we go, with these weird creations?

Admit it. You never, ever figured that, someone else would have the same idea as you, about what interesting modifications could be made to your personal ride to make it more personal. Hard to wash and wax, but well worth the effort.

But, let's dig deeper, for what I think could well be the weirdest, most bizarre ride yet, assuming that this beast can even be driven.........

Behold, the Finnjet. This beauty (and I use the term extremely loosely) is crafted(?) from a couple of Mercedes wagons and an early '60's Chrysler Imperial. And what creator wouldn't want to stand behind a wondrous vehicle like this? No need to hold a garage sale, just blend those cast offs into the Finnjett's design (again, a term used quite loosely). Hard to look at? You bet! Ah, the Finnjet, high tech or high tack?

What a great way to leave you for the weekend, pondering these individual rides that, stand apart from the crowd and cause you to exclaim, "Now, that's just plain weird."

Until next time.......

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