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Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22: 2016 Camaro - evolution

What better way to start off my blog on the new 2016 Camaro, than to show the USA-1 funny car doing a burn out. USA-1 used to be the description of Chevrolet, since they out sold every other car in the good ol' USA. Even had a song, "See the USA in your Chevrolet......." to go along with all those hundreds of thousands of sales. Well, that was yesteryear and things aren't quite like that in 2015, but some things stay the same. That "thing" this week is the unveiling of the totally new for 2016 Camaro.

Looks like the 2015? Well, yes it does, but this is an evolutionary design. Hey, have you checked out BMW's over the last twenty years? Now, there is a design that has been evolved. No one would see a 1992 Bimmer and not know what is was and if it was in great condition, some poor soul might think that it was a 2015 model. But I digress. Look underneath that tautly pulled design and you'll find the underpinnings of the Cadillac ATS. This is not a bad thing, as the ATS always gets good reviews.

I like the Camaro. Cartoon looks? Maybe, but to my eyes this is one tough looking ride. I have a history with the Camaro, going back to my first one in 1984, an attractive charcoal coupe........

.........it was a plain Jane V6 with a 5 speed manual tranny and the F41 sport suspension. We had just opened a new business and there was not a lot of money to spare for Barry's dream car. If I wanted A/C, and was going to keep to our budget, I had to get the manual (my wife promised to teach me how to drive one better than I did). Actually it was a good choice and a nice little package. I think it still looks good.

Things got better with the business, so next in '87 came a nicely upgraded model, a bright red IROC Z.........

.......again with a manual, but now stirring the gears behind a "big" V8. Laughable when you think of this motor now. I think it had 185 HP, just about the same as any little four cylinder these days, but for its time, it was alright. Complete with writing on the side telling the world that this was the IROC Z. Know where that name came from? Camaros were used as the race cars in the International Race of Champions series, so Camaro adopted the name for its top model. Also a few of the body mods, so if you squinted, the street version looked like the race version (squint really hard).

The business closed, careers changed and I finally landed in what would be a car guy's dream job, selling all makes and models of every car sold in Canada. From day to day, we might sell a Tesla, then a Porsche, a Hyundai, an Audi or a Ferrari. I love to see what is lined next up for delivery. Anyway, time for another Camaro. This time a 1995 in silver and black.........

.......once again a manual, a Z28 and a really powerful V8 with a 155 mph or 250 kph top speed. Now, let's take a quick look at that "powerful" 6 litre motor  -  285 HP! I just delivered a new Mustang V6 with 300 HP and the '16 Camaro is supposed to have about 325 in six cylinder form. Any Japanese six cylinder equals the output of that hot '95 Z. Funny how things change. Anyway, it was quick for it's time and sounded great (no ultra quiet Tesla for this car guy).

So, yeah, I have a history with the Camaro.

And when they announce a new one, whether it looks evolutionary or not, it gets my attention. Time for another one? Believe me, I've tried to see myself in one, but as time goes by, needs change, as does one's body. A little hard to get out of these days and no room for those ever present golf clubs. But hey, at least I have the Camaro's chassis under my ATS!

Until next time........

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