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Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12: The most personalized car

So when Chrysler designed the new for 2005 300, did they ever image that it would be become the iconic personalized vehicle? Almost a cartoonish car in some respects  -  stout, blocky design, wheels pulled right out to the edges of the body. The typical car that, some of us as kids might have doodled on our Hilroy note books in those oh, so slow Latin classes. Who would ever have thought that, so many of these cars would be personalized to their owners tastes at the time of sale and still now, so many years later? Heck, I had a 300C, black, of course, and even I had the windows heavily tinted. It just suited the image of this car so well.

Another typical change was to tear off that Chrysler egg crate grille and slap on a Bentley look alike, since this car actually seemed to mimic the traditional Bentley design......

This change became so prevalent that, Chrysler themselves offered a couple of variations of this Brit classic in their parts department. How often has that happened? Mercedes grille designs were also seen, but they were much less common.

Seems that almost all of the 300's I see have been personalized in some way, shape or form.......the ubitquitous tint, big rims, custom paint. But hey, why stop at those few items, let's rock this car in our own special way.........

.......the scissor doors are a relatively common and in my mind dumb touch (ever try to get in a car with them?). Or, if the Bentley front end is good, why not go to the top of the heap to Rolls for your changes.......

.......even the car jockeys won't know the difference, will they? Or maybe go a little more extreme, with a look that screams "YOU" from every angle.........

.......go ahead, write your own caption for this crazy and in your face ride. Not you? So, then go for something equally redone, but in a more classic (classy) way.........

Sometimes these changes work and sometimes they belong behind closed doors, like the top pic of the ridiculous donk style. And I thought that, only old Chevies and Olds were being subjected to this crazy, enormous rims styling. The black and white one is sedate by comparison.

Or maybe just add big rims, while lowering your 300 into the weeds (go easy on those speed bumps, Bucko).

Heck, even the Europeans got into the act, with this Europe only 300 Touring, sporting those big rims and rubber band tires. The red trim adds a nice touch, don't your think? Gets away from those depressing all black ones that, have become all too common place.

And what car wouldn't look better as a convertible (well, any Porsche, but that is a different story for a different time)? Maybe not as structurally sound as one might like, but sure is an attention getter.........

Think about it, and check out the next 300 that comes your way. Anything just a little different or majorally different? Anything that makes you say, "Gee, maybe I should get myself a cool ride."

Well, go for it, after all it's a blank canvas and used 300's can be had for cheap money. We only live once, don't we?

Until next time.......

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