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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2: Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 36th wedding anniversary to me. Amazing, when one thinks of being with another individual for that long and still enjoying our time together. Ok, so enough already with the schmaltz, this is a blog devoted to cars, but what better day to peruse some unusual wedding cars, than on this special day?

The pic above is your typical wedding day photo, happy couple, stretch Lincoln Town Car in the background. Ideal. But not everyone's taste goes to the standard issue wedding. Believe it or not, not everyone thinks like me (I find that thought unusual as well).

Sure, this one is not too far removed from the stretch Lincoln, but it shows what some thought and some lace will do for a car. Check out those painted(?) windows. Let's just hope that the guy driving the happy couple, can see his way to the reception.

Want something a little more extreme?

I mean, who wouldn't want to have a decorated military vehicle waiting outside the church, as you make your debut as a couple? I wouldn't, but then again, as you know, not everyone thinks like me.

Want something a little bigger and a whole procession of them behind you? Say no more, just polish up those Caterpillars, add a few strategic floral arrangements, a handful of balloons and viola', a memorable wedding day ride that, will be talked about at the next construction site. What, they couldn't have gotten a stretched one?

Can't afford to rent the big bruisers, but need something just as distinctive?

Yes, sir, this is perfect. A few forklifts and instead of the wedding party following behind, just load up these babies with your gifts. Make those folks, who only ponied up for a gift certificate or a salad bowl, think twice about their thrift.

But you are a person of means, so forklifts, tractors or nicely decorated cars won't make the grade. You are several cuts above the mundane and you can afford a really distinctive ride.......

When you are talking Rolls Royce money, then a few (or several) grand worth of decorative goldleaf is no big deal. Hey, it's what people would expect of someone like you.

But let's just say, you can't afford a cool vehicle to transport you and your honey on that special day. And let's say that you are a dedicated car person. Then what better way to still get the attention of your guests and share with them your love of wheeled vehicles, than with a well decorated cake......

There it is, in front of all those happy guests, your 4x4 grinding its way up the side of the fake dirt on that very special cake. How could you possibly eat such an original creation?

Ah, that extra special day. Maybe it simply requires "his & her" cars. A little different and much less costly than those Cats or the Rolls or even the forklifts. But just as distinctive.

So, I can hear you asking, what magical conveyance took Barry and his bride from the wedding to the reception, on that very special day 36 years ago? Well, first of all, we were married on the lawn of my
in-laws home in the country. Secondly, the reception was in the same place. So, what car drove us from the reception to the airport to leave on our honeymoon? Not a chance, you would ever guess it was a plain Jane old Volvo, like this one.......

Ah, life is funny (and in this case disappointing)!

Until next time........


  1. Congratulations, Barry! Hope you have many more years ahead of you. And yes, some of those wedding cars are somewhat bizarre, my all time preference was a Mack AC truck that the groom had recently restored. I do like the tank in this feature. Myself? Our wedding getaway car was the remains of a small SUV...

  2. George, that suv trumps the Volvo that took us to the airport - the Volvo that had confetti blowing at us all the way across the 401!