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Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 19: Mercedes GLC - now that's better

The Mercedes GLK. One of the best selling smaller luxury suv's, but it always disappointed me, as I thought it looked like the box,  it should have come in. Think about it......Mercedes has for several years been putting out some very swoopy designs. Even their larger ML looks like a wind tunnel might have been used in its styling. But the GLK was just plain square, a step back for sure.

But I feel that everything is now right with the world, as its replacement, the 2016 GLC (I could do an entire blog on M-B's new letter system), shows the styling that Benz is know for and has done so well........

.......now finally, this is a good design and one that is in line with their very smart looking cars.

Aside from the design, Mercedes sure should know about all wheel drive or 4x4 vehicles. Going way back to those dark days of the '40's, even then M-B had big trucks and also what might have been called a crossover in its day......

What better way to get thru those battle scared roads, fields and deserts, than this touring car decked out with dual wheels in the rear. Nothing would stop this thing, except the Allies. But Benz does know off road vehicles. Here's one we seldom see in North America, but is very well respected everywhere else........

The ultra tough, little Unimog. Used for all sorts of jobs needing a basic, but extremely capable little truck. Farms, construction sites, war zones. You name it and this Mercedes will stand up and be counted. The name is a shortening of the term "universal motor machine", which this toughy certainly is. Go anywhere......

......and by the looks of this publicity shot, it may have been the first truck to single handily climb Mt. Everest or maybe it was K2? Either way, it is a real trooper. For a while, it was sold as the Freightliner Unimog in North America, but not for very long and no longer. Strange, as it does so well everywhere else.

 Not one to stand on their laurels, Benz has updated the basic design, which had been around since the early '50's (1951 to be exact).

But I digress (not unusual in this blog), let's get back to the soon to be released GLC......

......a great design, with all the capabilities need by an "off road lite" vehicle. Great for those tricky driveways of the not so rich and famous and for driving over leaf covered roads. Capabilities learned from years of experience, with those other very good Mercedes Benz trucks,,,,,,,

Let us no longer fear those treks to the beach and with the new for 2016 GLC, we can arrive in grand style. Beach blanket bingo, anyone?

Until next time......

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