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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9: Automobile twins

Too babies that are identical to one another. Not unusual, but there is nothing a mother or father can do to stop the process, as these little ones grow in the womb. Can't take a look at the ultrasound and say, let's change the one on the right, so they won't be exact replicas of each other. This is nature and that's just the way it is. But car design is something else entirely, but that is not quite what we are talking about in today's blog. This is about "automobile twins". What's that you say? Well, that is when a company produces the same car, identical in almost every way, but under a different name. Want an example (thought you'd never ask)?

The relatively new Acura ILX is a Civic in a tuxedo, but it has enough changes that, no one is going to think you just pulled up in a Honda. But before the ILX arrived, Acura needed an entry level product in Canada to replace the much loved Integra. But my country's a small market and major expenditures can't be justified. What to do? Well, how about taking a Civic and making a few changes?


How few you ask? These two pics show you the result. The Civic is the top pic, the Acura's below it. Can you see the difference? I can't see the difference (with apologies to the Double Mint Twins or was that from a hair colour ad?). Either way, Honda raised the price and flogged these two identical twins to an unsuspecting(?) public. Are Canadians more gullible? Don't know, but this was the only market that sold the CSX.

Another example, but at the far end of the price range.......

For years and years before they were sold to separate companies, Rolls Royce and Bentley were essentially the same car, save for that classic Greek temple designed grille on the Roller. That grille, for which Rolls could charge thousands more. The identical car, but with much more prestige. And people bought the concept. Hard to argue with that marketing move.

Going back a few years........

.......Chrysler tried the same thing with the Plymouth Gran Fury and Dodge Diplomat lines. See any difference in the two cars above? Colour? At least Dodge inserted a bit of humour in their brochure...... "America's Driving Machine". Compared to what, a Mack truck? The good old days?

Now let's flash forward to the present day........


.......the top is the Opel Adam, while on the bottom is the Vauxhall Adam. Ok, I know, all Vauxhalls are just rebadged Opels and have been for many years, so that was just a cheap shot. The Opel/Vauxhall names don't fool the Europeans (I hope), who know that they are the same car for different markets.

One last identical twin, but this time they are sold by two distinctly different companies, Subaru and Toyota.......


One of the above sports coupes is a Toyota, the other a Subaru. See any differences? I admit there are a couple, but so subtle as to confuse anyone but a Subaru or Toyota designer. Automotive twins, but why have the two dealership bodies compete against one another with the same product?

Identical twins. One can't help what comes out at birth, but if you can actually design changes into the two twins, before their coming out party, then why wouldn't you do it? Maybe pick up a few more sales in the process and make a few more bucks. Or leave them as identical automobile twins and save some more bucks, by firing a few designers. What would you do?

Until next time........

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