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Friday, October 2, 2015

Oct 2: From France with love, the finale

Amazing how many blogs one can get from one trip to Europe. But in my defense, there are just so many interesting and new to us vehicles that, I could have been taking car pics non stop for the entire two and a half weeks. Good thing I didn't, though, as my lovely wife and I might have had a few words of disagreement. That's now out of the way, so let's look at a few luxury brands that almost go economy car low in price, across the pond.

Alfa Romeo is trying to re-establish themselves over here. So far what they have brought us are cars that play to their sporting heritage. In Europe, though, the Alfa name is put on a variety of "regular" type cars, like this red MiTo, which I saw in Aix-en-Provence. Please don't hold your breath for this little number, as it will take years for Alfa to make such an impression that, a full line up is required in North America.

The big three German luxury brands keep adding to the entry level part of their product line. We've seen the Benz GLA, the Audi A3 and the BMW 2 series. The idea being to get the customer while they are young and hold on to them as they get older and more able to buy your more expensive stuff.

How low can they go? Check these out.......

Seen in Lyon, this BMW 1 series is an entry level hatchback, which comes in two and four door versions. Since any company struggles to sell the very practical hatchback style on our shores, don't start saving your pennies (or dollars, after all it is a Bimmer) for this one. BMW tried it once before, with a two door 3 series. Strange looking and a hatchback, it was destined to fail (which it did).

Mercedes has the CLA over here, but in Europe they go even lower with the Class A.......

......yes, I know it sure looks like the GLA that, we get here, but it isn't. It's smaller and not all wheel drive. Thinking of a VW Golf, but don't trust the brand anymore, so get a Benz (Janis Joplin would approve).

Or maybe the station wagon version of the more costly (but still relatively reasonable) CLA.......

.......regular readers will know that I really like wagons, so this one has great appeal.

Not to be left out, Audi sells the A1 in a variety of versions, including this S Line seen in gay Paree........

Great looking little hot hatch. Think it would sell over here? I wonder. But of course, it would compete with the more expensive versions of the Golf, so maybe not a great idea. On the other hand, it competes with the Golf in Europe.

Is the S Line a bit too sporty for you?

Then how about this tidy little A1 four door? Sure, I know, the hatch is a sales killer over here, no matter how many doors it has. Appropriate that our North American favorite the Q5 is seen in the background. Even Audi couldn't have planned it better.

So let me put France behind me, but keep those great memories churning away in my mind throughout the winter months. But, before I leave it, here is one of the last pics that I took. No cars granted, but just a nice view of a resort town on the Mediterranean...........

Until next time.......

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