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Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct 30: Happy Halloween?

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when the younger set get dressed up in all sorts of strange costumes for the sole purpose of getting free food. Well, not just any kind of food, but the kind of stuff that will rot your teeth and put on pounds (kilograms in Canada). But, hey, you are young and dumb, so who cares? You have the rest of your life to get things right and we are only talking about one night.

Remember your best costume? I remember mine. It was a concoction of paper and cardboard, glued together lovingly with the help of a great mum. An outfit to win prizes with, if anyone had been giving them out. The problem? It rained. And rained. And rained. The result? A sodden, pulpy mess that, had to be explained at every house. Most folks just thought I lacked imagination. Oh, if they only knew.

But, like most of us, I grew up. The Halloween gear was put aside and forgotten, since no one gave candy to a 6'5" ghoul. Some folks grew up, but never forgot the thrill of Halloween night, they just found other ways to express themselves, which at long last, is the point of today's blog. Can't knock on doors, but you still want to celebrate the night? Easy solution........dress up your car.

Got one that looks like a pumpkin anyway? So, why not accentuate the fact..........

Or, being more upscale, your orange car just needs to add a couple of easy to apply Halloween accessories.....

Now, we can really see the designers' inspiration for this Lotus, a pumpkin! Who would have thought?

These examples are pretty subtle. Want something much more over the top and quite frankly, rather disturbing?

And, what's even more scary is that, this guy lives in Canada. British Columbia to be precise. Keep him away from me. Tone it down a bit and you get other interesting versions of the zombie theme. Almost in good taste after the one above?

These Halloween accessories add a nice seasonal touch to any car. Let the neighbourhood kids know that you are not the boring old guy who lives next door. Now you are the interesting, but decidedly strange guy, who is too close by for comfort.

And when the zombie craze is over, traditional decorative treatments can be brought out.......

Not sure how this affects the sight lines, but heck, everyone will stay away from you anyway. A spider on the roof is always a nice touch, don't you think?

Haven't heard from your creepy uncle in years and then he shows up on October 31st with this.......

Scarier than any cardboard costume you may have come up with, those oh so many years ago. You start to worry about the old uncle all over again. Come to think of it, all your dad's relatives seem to be missing a few important parts.

The ultimate Halloween ride was built many years ago, by that over the top customizer, George Barris out of LA (where else, you ask?). The Munster Koach........

Created to include every Halloween cliche imaginable. Trick or treat? Well, in this case, probably both.

Ok, so you have no imagination or any desire to deface your lovely automobile. The answer? Simply cruise the neighbourhood as yourself........

And man, Weight Watchers has really worked for you.

Happy Halloween!

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