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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1: Wow, a new Bugatti!

 Appropriate to open this blog with a pic of the somewhat over the top Palace of Versailles, since anyone who owns one of today's subject matter, could probably afford to live there. Bugatti. Even the name conjures up history and classic design among car aficionados. Ettore Bugatti, born Italian, raised French, made his namesake cars famous and the cars to have if you were beyond rich. But like all good things, it eventually came to an end shortly after he died.

VW to the rescue! Sounds strange to say that, but like with Bentley and Lamborghini, this "lyin' about their diesels" car company, bought the rights to the Bugatti name and resurrected the brand. Finally, giving all those superstar entertainers a car that was a tad more exclusive than a mere Rolls, a Ferrari or the aforementioned Bentley. And now the announcement and unveiling of the new creme de la creme, the Bugatti Chiron.......

A few important stats.........approximately 1500 hp (1001 wasn't quite enough), 260 mph top speed (420 kph for my fellow Canadians), 0-60 in less than 2.5 seconds (only 2 seconds slower than a top fuel dragster, but the Chiron costs over twice as much) and finally that price. And, if you have to ask, you obviously aren't in Floyd Mayweather territory. But, I hear you asking, so here it is..........$2.6m US dollars (about $3,700,000 Canadian). With only 500 being built, it's unlikely you'll see your doppelganger coming down the street towards you, unless of course, you live in Dubai. There the police will no doubt have one as well.

By the way, that obscene top speed is electronically limited. Take off the limiter, add wings and man, you got your own private airplane.

Nothing like a bit of exclusivity to make all that hard work worthwhile. But compared to some Bugatti's of long ago, this is a Henry Ford like production line vehicle. How so? Consider the hugely famous and just plain huge Royale.......

Total production? Six (6) units in a variety of styles. Just how much variety there can be with only six made?Or the equally famous Atlantic, of which a whopping four, that's right four, were produced......

Needless to say, these cars are now worth a bit more, than even the modern day Chiron (one sold a few years back for about $40m US dollars!).

As you open the door to your palace on wheels, this is the sight that presents itself to you.......

Of course, it looks wonderful. You think all that coin to buy one of these rarities, just goes into that staggeringly big motor? Not so, but there are lots of cars with beautifully finished interiors, but just maybe not quite as quick.

So next time you are standing in line at the grocery store, and the dude or dudess standing in front of you flashes this key fob, you'll know that you are in the presence of real money. Offer to buy them a coffee, or compliment them on their choice of vegetables. Who knows, maybe they are looking for a new friend.

Or maybe, just follow them out of the store to see their car. Just don't look suspicious.

Ever wonder how you spend those lottery winnings? Now you know.

Until next time......

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