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Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24: Plymouth rocks!

 Here she is, the one and only, dear little Car Modeling Cat or as she is often referred to, the CMC. As you know, she is partial to the same type of cars that, I so like to build. Quite frankly, I have no idea what she likes or dislikes, but she's always ready to help out with anything that I am working on at the time. In this case, it is a "re-build". What is that? Simple. I look at my shelves of models, many going back to the '60's and there are a few that we have rebuilt using the skills, I so lacked back in the day. The criteria is that we have to like the car and want to have a really good model of it.

Today's model is is a 1963 Plymouth Fury, shown in this "before" pic........

......that started out as a plain model made out of coloured plastic  -  just add glue. So we dismantle it, give it a nice repaint (in this case, a slightly lighter shade of yellow than the original plastic) and then detail the heck out of it with chrome foil and paint. In other words, try to make it look as close to the real car as possible, as this "after" pic shows.........

Real or Memorex? Since this model is long out of production and has never been reproduced, it's fun to make this old Plymouth new again.


As a car guy, the best thing about model building, is that I can have any car that I want, although the scale may not be conducive to driving it on the street, unless maybe if you were the CMC (even that would be a stretch).

And now, if you've checked your calendar, you'll notice that tomorrow is Good Friday and so this is the Easter weekend. So, what better way to wrap up today's blog, than with a couple of appropriate Easter pics and ones with chocolate would be even better........

Have a great long weekend!

Until next time.......

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