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Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 11: Money and questionable taste

Won the lottery? Born into money? Own a dot com company? Either way, you have lots of coin and you want to spend it in a meaningful way that, will show the world just what you are made of, or at least what you ave in your bank account. Got any ideas? I know you have, since I've seen a few on the road and as this blog deals with all things automotive, that's what I'll focus on.

Let's start on the bottom rung of the "money to burn" ladder and work our way up. The new Mazda6 is a beautiful car, but some over(under?) achiever thought that, a bright purple paint job would set theirs off nicely. That added touch to make their ride a little more noticeable. And for better or for worse, it sure is.

Not ready to go all the way, but still desire that "look at me" factor?

Sure, a few pink accents (check out the interior) on a new Range Rover should do the trick. Nothing screams "money to waste", like some "in poor taste" add-ons.

But, let's go wild here and do it on a very wild ride.......

Feel the need to make that lovely Ferrari Italia or your Lambo Gallardo be more than just another exotic wondering the streets, lost amongst the drab Accord's, Camry's and Tesla's that, everyone else seems to drive. These colourful schemes should fit the bill beautifully and no one will ever say, "And how will I know it's you?". Get in a small accident? Well, friendo, don't even think about what it will cost to match these paint jobs.

Striving for a new level of tastelessness? Your gorgeous Wraith is a Roller that would stand out in any crowd, unless, of course, the crowd you hang out with drives those exotics in the pics above. Yes, you are a person of mucho substance, and as Mick Jagger sang ".....a man of wealth and taste........". Well, maybe not so much the taste bit, but if you can afford to do this to your Rolls, well, what can I say?

Not quite a Rolls Royce, but equally able to stand out in any crowd is the Bentley Flying Spur. Class? You bet, this one has it by the ton, or in this case, by about three tonnes........

No reason to spoil a good thing, is there? But hey, wait a minute, you've earned the right to make your lack of taste stand out, like this Flying Spur, shot (but not by me) on my street........

 See this one cruising thru the hood and it definitely makes a statement. What that statement is, well you decide or ask the lady who owns it. Based on her vanity plate, she is no shrinking violet.

What got me thinking about good taste or maybe, just not a lot of it, was this Flying Spur that, I was beside in traffic this morning. It was gray and rainy, I was surrounded by silver, white and grey cars. Gloomy, drab and depressing. And then..........

.....this prestigious Bentley (yet another Flying Spur) eases up beside me. Holy smokes, Batman, or should I say, Kermit, who thought that this was a good idea? Whether it was a wrap or a full tilt paint job, I did a double or triple take. Dare I mention that in my city of Toronto, the garbage trucks are a very similar colour.....

But, maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe, I'm the one, who is not thinking outside the box? Maybe, I need to stand out in one of these unusual ways? Or maybe not.

Until next time..........

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