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Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18: eleMMent Palazzo - home on wheels

Do you remember the good old days? Those times when you could pick up a top of the line Prevost ultra luxury RV for around $1.5m, yes, that is $1.5 million dollars. When was that, last year? Ah, how things have changed. Now that Prevost is cheap by comparison, to what is coming out of Austria. See a need, or maybe not even a need, and someone will try to wedge something into that very small niche. Who? What? Where?

For the answer to those questions, we'll have to travel to Vienna, Austria and visit Marche' Mobile to see what they might have for the intrepid oil sheik or the upwardly mobile oligarch. Take a look........


Yes, sir, this is the sparkingly new and more than over the top luxurious eleMMent Palazzo. Just what one needs when doing a road trip and one wants to differentiate themselves from the low life, trailer trash in their mere Prevost's. Your Palazzo has set you back $3.1m US dollars and that's before you've selected those significant upgrades that, will make even your fellow filthy rich friends envious.

Here is the view, as you motor past those other mere mortals, from your God-like perch in the driver's seat......

Pedal to the metal and those hard working 600 HP are ready to do your bidding. Speeding tickets? How gauche to even consider them. Why do you think that thousand dollar bill is stuffed in behind your driver's licence? Oops, I forgot, not all of your over the road adventures will take place in Russia.

Versatile? You bet. Your new ride comes complete with a roof top lounge and dual fireplaces, one inside and as you can see, one outside. Throw on a few Kobe steaks, open a bottle of the finest wine and live the good life.

Sure, the front end looks, well, shall we say unusual, but like The Donald's hair, when you have this much coin, who cares? It's just something else to make you stand out.

Inner peace can be achieved in your new Palazzo, even as your oil revenues plummet........

When you have this much money, you can afford to have your domestic staff follow behind you in their low life Prevost. It's probably better than they are used to anyway.

But wait a minute! Did you just hear that, one of your other well off buddies has also bought a Palazzo? Curses! Time to pull out all the stops and make yours, once again, be the talk of the neighbourhood. Voila'......

A rich looking (and costing) coating of 24 carat gold will do the trick nicely. Sure, it costs $14.7m, but worth it to raise the ante in the high stakes game of one (or two) upmanship. Marche' Mobile can make all and any of your dreams come true. In case you were wondering, this one went to the middle east. Surprised?

So there you have it. The new way to make those retirement years a tad more comfy, as you cruise the highways and biways of the world, without having to leave the comforts, you've come to love in your palace or palatial dacha.

Thank you Marche' Mobile.

Until next time..........

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