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Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13: Just not your day?

 Sometimes it's just not your day. No matter what you had hoped for, it was just not going to happen. For example to illustrate this oh, so clearly, we have this obviously well off dude, standing by his pride and joy. Something gets his attention, like maybe another car falling from the sky? Now, really, who would have thought that, this guy would have anything to worry about on any other day. I can understand a piano falling out of the sky, heck, I've seen it in many cartoons, but another car? Obviously, not his day.

Why would I bring this up today? No reason, except that if you check your calendar, you'll see that this is the rare and usually nerve wracking........

Now, do you see the connection? What else might go wrong for us folks happily behind the wheel of our rides on this trepidatious day?

Enjoying sightseeing in the mountains on a beautiful summer's day, when out of nowhere the mountain you are passing by, decides to collapse. How inconvenient, since you are running late for lunch and you are oh, so hungry.

Sure, you didn't go down the hillside with those rocks, but small consolation. Friday the 13th?

Or the classic boat launch fiasco, when, a bit distracted (on your cell phone?), you drive into the water, instead of backing in with your boat. I'm sure that this happens all time with the inexperienced boater, but the date was Friday the 13th. Go figure.

And who hasn't experienced the embarrassment of driving one's car onto the railway tracks?

Easy to do, particularly when the signs aren't quite as clear as they should be. Thank goodness the 4:15 from Berlin is running late. Friday the 13th, again?

Ever come across a tank on the road and be a tad concerned that, he may not have noticed you in his rearview? Friday the 13th, yet again?

And by the way, I always give tanks a wide birth on our city streets and highways. What's the point of saying, "I'm sorry.", when the whole front of your car is under his tread?

And of course, there is the classic car full of poorly sealed paint cans........

Again, who hasn't made these short trips, thinking no one is going to run into me or me into them. Shortsightedness on the worrisome Friday the 13th? Hard to ignore the obvious.

You try to do your best to be prepared for nature's worse........

. You've been smart and lifted your wipers off of the windshield, so they won't freeze onto the glass. Did it help? Nope, but you still shoulder the blame, since it happened on Friday the 13th.

Disgusted? You bet, after all, there were no warning signs and while texting, it's dam hard to keep an eye on the road. Some sort of warning would have been nice. Inattentiveness? Maybe, but since it was Friday the 13th, I think I know where the blame lies.

And wouldn't you just feel a touch sheepish, if out for a Friday jaunt with your buds in your "to die for" exotics, you got involved in this predicament? Of course you would, but there's that date again, Friday the 13th. Consider yourself an innocent victim of the calendar.

Friday the 13th? Think positive and you'll have nothing to worry about, since the cop coming up behind you probably only wants to say, "Hello." Just another friendly gesture on an all too unfriendly day.......

Everything will turn out for the best, just enjoy the moment........

Until next time.........


  1. Thanks for giving me a much needed chuckle. I've got to be on a project at five in the morning and, as luck would have it, I can't BEGIN to sleep. It's now past one and it looks like I'll be doing this without... But this posting shows that some people have worse luck than I do. Thanks again.

    1. Hi George......yes, someone always has worse luck. Glad you enjoyed my blog.