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Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6: Mothers' Day gift ideas

This is Friday, May 6th, so if you have a mother and if you want to get her a gift, you better shape up fella (or gal) because Sunday is forty eight hours away and time is running out. And if you have any smarts, you'll avoid this coupon idea. Big deal, give mom a clean car - she'll love you forever or maybe wonder what went wrong with the way she has raised her kid(s). Nevertheless, a few folks think that this will take the place of chocolates, dinner out or a big hug (well, maybe the hug idea goes without saying). Even in the old days, this clean car for mom idea had some traction (and she looks so happy)........

I have other ideas to help you in your quest for the ideal, she'll love you forever gift. Real car guy/gal gift ideas that. will give new meaning to the phrase, Mom, I love you.

How about shouting it out to the entire neighbourhood that, she is the one and only? And if you do this, you can surprise her the next day with a car wash. Of course, you know that, she'll want these expressions of your love and affection to stay on her ride until the next rainy day. And even then, she'll probably keep it in the garage.

Or if you want something a little more meaningful monetarily..........

Sure, you're a roller, so get her a new ride. Don't like the pretensions of having her drive around in a new white Mercedes soccer mom suv? I understand. You are a domestic car kind of person, so something a little more subtle, such as a pink Cadillac, but it must be an Escalade. After all, she still has all those motherly duties to perform and a car, just wouldn't cut it. The ribbon is a nice touch in both cases.

But hey, who are we kidding? Very few of us have the coin to spring for a new ride for her highness. Just tell her, you were considering it and that will be enough. Now, back to the realm of bad idea gifts.........

This one ranks right up there with the Mothers' Day car wash. Take her to a car show and if you are really lucky, it will be on the Saturday, so you can go golfing on Sunday and not feel the least bit guilty. Ah, those southern boys know a great gift idea, don't they? Maybe throw in a bbq'd turkey leg to really make her day?

So, you are not buying her a new car and you sure aren't taking her to a car show with your buddies, so maybe a nice ride in the country? Dress up for her, as you know how much she likes that........

Simple, loving and if topped off with a sushi lunch, well, does it get any better?

So, let's conclude this unusually serious blog with a cute Mothers' Day type of pic, featuring that perennial cutie, the smart car (yes, it is lower case) and that other little cutie, the Little Tike........


Since my own mother passed years ago, all I can do is try to guide and advise my readers, but thankfully, I don't have those weighty gift decisions to ponder for myself.

Happy Mothers' Day!

Until next time.......

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