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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3: Relax, it's just Talladega

 According to past Sprint Cup champion and winner of last Sunday's race, Brad Keselowski, it was just another day at the office. This assumes you work in an office that, moves at just over 200 mph (320 kph) and those high speed crashes involve thirty five of the other forty office workers. Sure, just another day at the office. Did that sink in? Just under 90% of the cars in that wild race were involved in those wild wrecks. Unbelievable.

Talladega, the speedway we are referring to, is a monster of a track. Just over two and a half miles long and the drivers' never (NEVER), lift their foot off of the gas, even for a moment. Get that? Imagine having your "pedal to the metal" for five hundred, edge of your seat, nerve wracking miles. And add to it, another thirty nine cars inches from you. Sound like a recipe for excitement..........or disaster?

Gives meaning to the word "trust". But, of course, things happen and at Talladega, when they do, they happen in a big way, no mere fender benders here.......

Nope, when these guys wreck, they wreck and the good news (you mean there is good news?) is that in every single accident the driver walked away, maybe a little wobbly, but they did walk away, even our girl, Danica, as seen here.......

Testament to the safety of these cars that, when flying at 200 mph and landing, the driver can walk to the ambulance on his own and then after a quick once over at the infield care centre, they can face the cameras, claiming, it was just another 'Dega Sunday........

Thank God!

But this last Sunday was "special" even by the low standards that the Talladega races  have set over the years. You know that there is always going to be a "big one", where lots of cars get involved (21 in one crash), but on Sunday, there were several "big ones". Getting thru the race unscathed would become almost a monumental task. Brad was one who did.

Ever wonder what the bottom of a NASCAR racecar looks like?

Or if the guys who do the infield lawn maintenance can bear to watch the race?

Questions that obviously need to be asked, don't you think?

No wonder that the Talladega race packs them in........

.......and no wonder that most drivers are glad to say good-bye to this track until the Fall race. Most drivers, that is, except last Sunday's winner, Brad Keselowski. Supremely confident in himself and his car, Brad is ready to come back for more (at least this is what he says). Maybe if he finished second, his interview might be slightly different. Let's ask him again in the Fall.

Until next time........

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