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Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24: Bugatti - rap(per) it up!

The late and beloved Prince had his Little Red Corvette, but that was only a song. What would he have driven in real life? Easy to find out these days, since no matter where a star is, someone is taking their picture. Don't believe me? Then Google "celebrities in washrooms". But, I'm interested in star cars and one particular type of star and one particular type of car. Any guesses? One look at this blog's title should give you the answer.

Apparently nothing says rapper like a Bugatti, since it seems like they all drive this rather costly ride like a rite of passage, as these pics of Drake in Toronto attest......

What's the psychology behind this? Why this one car for this one type of celebrity? At well over $1m, this car takes a certain level of success to own and another level to have it customized to your standards, no matter how questionable they may be.......

.......and no, this is not the same car, as the bottom one belongs to Nicki Minaj and the top one Flo-rida (I think, since rap is not my music of choice and these guys and gals are a little foreign to me). You have to admit that, they can get rather creative. By the way, Nicki has a pink obsession or passion, as this is just one of her tastelessly done up exotic rides.

What, your standard Veyron doesn't stand out enough, particularly when you hang with your sick rapper friends?

Maybe some chrome fenders will do the trick? And every time you walk by your ride, you can check your, ever so cool, look in those mirrored fenders. Good to see that common sense prevailed, when it came to the hood.

No shrinking violet drives a Bugatti, but this rapper dude seems to be camera shy........

I'm of a certain age that misses the point of the look, but the red Veyron ticks almost all my boxes (affordable is left empty), except where my golf clubs go. Rappers have some interesting views of themselves with their rare and valuable rides.......

........yes and oh so creative. If I had the time and the inclination, I would try to come up with snappy captions for these rather unique rapper shots with their exotic rides. Enough to say that they are all rappers and they all drive Veyrons.

Think I'm generalizing? Check out Drake, Jay Z, Birdman, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Flo-rida, xzibit, Chris Brown, Game, Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy to name a few. Think that they all prayed for success, so that they too could drive a Bugatti Veyron? Think they all prayed that, they could continue their success, so that they could afford to maintain it? If you don't think so, then what is happening in the pic below?


But the question remains, what is with rappers and Bugattis? I guess, if I have to ask, I just haven't enough money and here is Drake to make that exact point........

You got it, bud!

Until next time.......

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