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Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9: Happy Birthday, Mr. P!

Guess who had their 100th birthday this week? If you said my neighbour you'd be wrong, since he turned 100 two years ago. Guess again? Yep, you got it..........

.........Mr Peanut. He doesn't look any older, than when he came into this world, of course, being born brown and wrinkled, tends to make old age less noticeable. So, why would I bring this up in a car blog? Simple. Mr. Peanut has been a car guy since the beginning and has had himself some interesting rides. A man of his discerning taste wouldn't be buying just anything off of the lot. Oh no, his rides have always had a custom touch or two.

 Initially he started out with a sports model, after all he was a much younger peanut. Always a cut above, even with a sports model, he required a driver. One doesn't wear a top hat and a monocle and drive oneself, do they?

But, time went by and his fame grew. He needed a ride that made more sense for a legume of his stature. The full custom treatment was required. Something to help him to come out of his shell, so to speak........

Yes, sir, a ride that would tell the world that, he had arrived in more ways than one. A ride that mirrored his unique look. You can see by this photo that Mr. Peanut's very special ride was fully up to the task of transporting such a unique personage.

Want to delve a little more deeply into what makes this creation tick?

To understand just how custom his ride is, try sizing this pic up to see all those special details that, make his Peanutmobile such a "must see" vehicle when it rolls into town. Let's be frank (pun intended), it makes the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile look cheap (and a bit obscene) by comparison.........

.......but them again, this is Mr. Peanut's special ride. 

Being a man of many interests, Mr. Peanut also has a more sporting ride, complete with a larger than life facsimile of His Peanutship molded onto the top of his rather unique vehicle. Of course, the make believe huge engine is indeed, make believe, but under that "in your face" bodywork lies an motor of prodigious power. Being a discrete soul, Mr Peanut has been very reluctant to divulge its exact numbers. Let's just say, you'll know he's coming, even before he comes into view.

Now he's 100 years old. Still youthful and always on the road, promoting the product that bears his name and arriving in his, oh so special, ride. Let's hear it for the old guy........

Until next time......

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