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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7: A model concept

For 1997, this was pretty hot stuff. This is the Dodge Dakota Sidewinder concept, or it was at the beginning, as eventually the Dakota part was dropped. This was a time when Chrysler and Dodge were trying to reinvent themselves. No more stodgy and boring sedans or trucks. Their cars were newly redesigned (remember cab forward, anyone?) and the new Dodge pick-ups looked like smaller versions of a big rig. Great looking concept vehicles were the norm and one, the Viper, had actually made it into production. Next up would be the Prowler. So when the Sidewinder hit the show circuit, people thought that, maybe there was a chance of production for this wild ride. Just maybe. Hey, not too long before this, Dodge had sold a convertible Dakota........

Ever seen one? Probably not, as they didn't sell like Honda Civics. But, it's the thought that counts, right?

So this brings me to the point of today's blog, where I show you what the Car Modeling Cat (CMC) and I have been up to........

There she is, alert and ready to work, as we are about to tackle our model of the Sidewinder. She's looking with confidence over our recent builds, the '70 Buick, the '62 Oldsmobile and the '15 Corvette  -  aware of her and my capabilities, eager to put glue to plastic. So how did our version turn out?

 Looks good in the pics, but this is what I'd call an "arm's length" model. Like an old car, which may be referred to as a "twenty footer", meaning from that distance it looks pretty good, but it wouldn't stand up to close inspection. Well folks, this is our twenty footer. Without getting into specifics, I'm not sure if it was our fault or that of the model, but in the end it just didn't go together like a finely cut jigsaw puzzle, although it did end up being a bit of a puzzle. But at arms length, we are ok with it. Hey, perfection is for perfectionists!

No matter, this is a great looking concept vehicle. Funky, but with enough real world parts, that it just might have been worth a shot at production. After all, didn't Chevy build a very similar vehicle, the SSR?

The difference? The Sidewinder came loaded for bear with a Viper powerplant, whereas this Chevy initially wimped out with a small V8. Not the first time someone made this mistake. Remember that the Prowler had a six cylinder?

Sure, the Sidewinder had a not too practical, interior, but that could easily be remedied.

This vehicle could have completed the Chrysler Corp hat trick.......the Viper, the Prowler and then the Sidewinder (don't fault me on the timeline, please).

Add on a little topper, like on the original Viper, and this concept would have been set to go.............

And with the show car's Viper motor putting power to the rear tires, those neighbourhood smoke shows would have been something to talk about......

Ah, but in real life, it was not to be. On the other hand, the CMC and I, having a sense of history, felt it was important to add this build to our collection. Voila', it is so.

Until next time.......

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