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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jan 10: Camry - is that really you?

This is how it all started, Toyota teasing us with a back end shot of their new Camry to be unveiled at this week's North American International Auto Show, aka the Detroit auto show. I've blogged before about the bland Toyota designs and how that company was breaking out of the mold of those sleepy creations. Their next big reveal would be the Camry. The big gun of the Toyota line. The number one best selling sedan in the US market. Sure the suv craze has driven up their Rav4 sales, but the good and staid old Camry was still clocking in at about 450,000 yearly sales in the USA. Impressive numbers. Redesign the Camry, but don't alienate its fan base. Quite a goal for any designer.

Way back when, the Camry arrived with its first edition.........

Nothing spectacular (hey, it was a Camry), but backed up by Toyota quality. Sure it rusted out, but so did everything else back then. I remember a friend of mine bought the hatch version after being a loyal North American car buyer, and he wouldn't stop bragging about what a great car he now had. Being a car guy, I couldn't understand his euphoria.

Next came in 1992, what many consider to be the penultimate Camry........

Resembling a junior Lexus LS, this was a terrific car quality wise and you still see a few around over twenty years later. A 1992 model, being twenty five years old can now show up at old car cruise events. Kind of a scary thought.

But that was then and lots of Camry's have since flowed under the bridge, almost all (correction - all) to universal derision by the car enthusiast community. A great A to B ride, but with nothing remotely engaging for anyone who valued precise ride and handling. A sofa on wheels was a typical description, although a very good sofa.

So to the present day. A time when Toyota is doing their best to make the Lexus and Toyota brands stand out for their styling. Sure, they have tried too hard in some cases, but at least they are trying. So, what to do with their cash cow Camry?

Yesterday in the Motor City, off came the wraps of the 2018........

Wow! Sure the front end looks like it was lifted off of the predator from the old Schwarzenegger movies, but I don't have a issue with it. Overall this is a beautifully striking design, even in the base trim, as shown on the silver one in the above pic. In my opinion, this is probably the best effort so far by the Toyota/Lexus designers. Even better than the new and very costly Lexus LS model, that was also unveiled yesterday. No longer is Toyota complacent, at least not with an exterior and interior like this on their ol' standby, Camry......

I'll have to wait until I read the road tests or drive it before giving it my complete thumbs up, but if the driveability is anything like its looks, well, watch out Honda Accord. Now, maybe the Camry will show the promise, that it has so ably shown on the tracks of NASCAR........

A few years back, who would have ever thought I'd be singing the praises a beautiful new Camry and even looking forward to getting behind the wheel? What's that line about an old dog and new tricks?

Until next time.......

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