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Friday, January 20, 2017

Jan 20: Inauguration day

I should have done this blog on Friday the 13th, since Trump's inauguration is pretty scary stuff (ok, so no more politic comments). This is it. The big day. Swearing in an unpredictable (there you go again) new president? Nope, this is a big day, since this is the day that General Motors unveils the brand new chief executive's Cadillac limo. The old one, The Beast, was done for Obama and that just wasn't going to cut it with a new guy at the helm. If you've had the least bit of interest in cars, then you've known about this car and its incredible features. So what will be new? Well let's take a look.........

Gosh, even the presidential limo gets treated to new car camouflage, so that us plebs won't see its hot new design. Really, it's not going to be that much different from the last one, but rather than make believe it is a real car, it may try to look more like the Escalade truck on which it is based, with a front end that is a little more upright, maybe like this......

Trump might be the first president, who actually had a Cadillac limo named after him and had features that GM discussed with him before their inclusion. You didn't know that did you? Way back in the 1980's, this very plushly done up Cadillac was called, as you can see, the Cadillac Trump Series. They had only planned to do a run of about fifty cars, but apparently not that many hot shot execs were willing to share The Donald's love of gold laden flash.

Outfitted with all the usual tasteless toys, that these type of cars invariably come with, this Trump limo had one unusual, but important feature, a paper shredder. Oh my, how Hilary could have used that back in those pre-email days. Maybe she and Bill actually had one of these. Now wouldn't that have been ironic?

How much you ask? Over thirty years ago, this rolling whatever would set you back about $80k, before you added your own embellishments, such as a Sistine Chapel-like painted ceiling or some platinum trim to take away from all that gold. Pretty cheap for a car named after a future pres.

I'd like to think that if Donald J. Trump had his way, his presidential ride might have a bit more glamour and glitz, than the portly New Beast. Something that would confuse even the most diligent assassin. Just imagine this beauty rolling down Pennsylvania Ave after the swearing in........

Kind of sums it up, doesn't it? Show up in this and put all those other world leaders in their place, what with their stretched, militaristic Mercedes. Bling them into submission at the next negotiation. Ah, if only life were like that.

So, as we stand at the precipice of this new administration, we can only fantasize about what the head guy might show up in, if he was only given the chance........

Way to go, Donald!

Until (hopefully) next time........

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