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Friday, January 27, 2017

Jan 27: The new Gazoo Supra

Take a long hard look, as this is the new Toyota Supra. Who cares? Good question, but for some reason, the Toyota Supra has become an icon. How did this happen? I have no idea, but there is more buzz about Toyota's upcoming Supra reveal than I believe, any car since the current Corvette. I know it evolved into a very capable car, but I had no idea enthusiasts were pinning for a new version. I guess Toyota is longing to get those Supra enthusiasts back into the fold.

Amazing how a car that started out as a garden variety Celica with a longer front end and a bigger motor, morphed into a car that has been missed for the past many years........

And even the second generation was little more than a longer Celica, but with a V6 motor........

Granted the change made this a great looking car, but funny how greatness starts from average and works it way into, as I said, greatness. I drove a few of these and they were a blast. Gobs of power for a heavy right foot.

So now Toyota is just around the corner from unveiling the new Supra under their performance brand Gazoo. Gaz what? Look, I'm fairly attuned to what is going on with performance brands, after all, everyone has heard about AMG from Mercedes and Alpina from BMW, but who the heck has ever heard of Gazoo from Toyota. A little research, please........

.....and what do I find? Of course, I find that Toyota has been using the Gazoo Racing branding for quite a while. Who knew? Well, I guess quite a few people knew, as they include all their racing entries under that banner. Live and learn, Barry.

So now, the world, or at least the car enthusiast world awaits the new Gazoo Supra, which will probably look like this or darn close to it.......

For years Toyota/Lexus has cruised along with their mobile sofas, but if you read my blogs, you'll know that this is changing and the new Supra will be a big part of that change. Great to see that complacency is now taking a back seat to a vehicle worth being seen in.

Until next time......

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