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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 27th: Not flying cars again?

No matter what you think, this pic was never going to be the way of the future. First off, few people seem to smoke pipes anymore. Secondly, even fewer people seem to be wearing suits and ties. And finally, it would be too hot under that dome, even with space age air conditioning. So, I think we can safely put the myth of flying cars to rest (at least ones that look like this one). But can we? I wish that were the case.

Aren't they trying to regulate drones, so that there won't be thousands upon thousands of them flying around delivering books and pizzas? So, what's with the idea of flying cars? Would they be any less dangerous? Whatever, but companies are still trying to develop the affordable flying car. Witness last week's Paris Air Show, when two companies showed up with cars that flew.

AeroMobil.......a cool looking plane, that with some folding wings and extending wheels, becomes a........

.......wait for it......a dorky looking car........

Give me strength, folks. Just what we need, a few of these roaming the highways and biways of our cities and towns. Lousy on the road and a menace in the skies. Think about trying to park this baby. You want humour? Read the company's prospectus for their flying mobile. It decribes having a meeting in LA, running late and having to get to another one in a short period of time. Jump in your AeroMobil, spread those wings and look at me, I'm flying. You arrive on time and that important business deal is consumated. What if there is tons of traffic and you can't get a run? How do you take off then?

Even way back when, futurists dreamt of a flying car in every driveway and even way back then, it was a bad idea, but it looked good on the covers of those old science and mechanics mags.......

Great idea? Sure, right up there with self cleaning litter bins for cats. Not sure why self driving cars are becoming the way of the future these days, but compared to flying cars, they seem very sensible. And they stay on the ground! Oops! What am I thinking? Maybe a self driving flying car, will be the way of the future? Gee, I didn't mean to give them any more dumb ideas.

AeroMobil was not the only company with flying car dreams at Paris. Vaylon had their very unusual Pegasus on display........

Now, I've looked at this car from many different angles and I still can't figure out how it gets off the ground. Landing? Every pic I've seen shows it with a parachute, so what does that tell you? Load up the entire family, we're flying to Florida this year! Words heard over Georgia........"Johnny, did you remember to pack the parachute?"

If I had my way, this would be the only flying car, that we'd ever see......

......and that would be in our nightmares.

Now, I'm not a religious person, but if this keeps up, I'm going to go to bed every night praying for the day, when the flying car idea is grounded once and for all.

Until next time.......

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