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Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30: Long live the Morgan!

What has been made in the English countryside since 1909 and continues to this day with cars that look pretty much, as they have for the past seventy or eighty years? While you ponder that question, check out this picture of the factory, that has been cranking out these antiquities for those many years........

No folks, this ain't no Toyota or General Motors plant. This company's yearly production tops just 1300 cars, which works out to about five per day, assuming the lads get weekends off and don't waste too much time in the local pub.

Want to see what goes on inside those nondescript old buildings?

Woodworking, 101. No, your eyes do not deceive you, as the frames for this famous cottage industry car are made of wood. No rust, but what about termites? Handmade all the way.......

Of course, any car person knows that I'm talking about the Morgan Motor Company. My brother, who is visiting England, toured the factory the other day, something I might consider, when I'm over there at the end of August.

Only in England would this old company survive, quietly making those timeless machines. A quick run thru the product line, finds two cars and a ___?___, not sure what to call it........

This is the famous Morgan Three Wheeler, with comfy seating for two. A car? A motorbike? A whatever? This one had been out of production until the last few years, when it was brought back to the applause of masochists everywhere. Rain and cold? No worry, we're British. The price of this punishment? Somewhere around $70,000 Canadian dollars. Start saving those empties.

Then there is the Morgan Classic.........

Pretty much the way it has been for years and years and years. You gotta really love the traditional old British sportscar, if you buy a Morgan, since for this money one could get a thoroughy modern Corvette or  Porsche, with all the latest conveniences and techie bits. Which would you rather have?

To say that Morgan is stuck in the past would be unfair to this company, as they also produce a modern, more up to date looking old sportscar, the Aero.......

Quite lovely from some angles and quite something else from others. Anyway you look at this, it will cost you well over $100K Canadian to have one of these in your driveway. Old British engineering at its finest.

And to top it off, there is one more true Morgan, not for the kid in you, but for your kid........

This beautifully turned out little electric will scoot your offspring to middle single digit speeds almost instantaneously. And along the way, give them a real appreciation of what a Morgan is all about. Maybe they'll end up being one of the lucky(?) 1300 who purchase a new Morgan each year. Will the company still be around then? Hey, after over hundred years of old car production, what makes you think this will end anytime soon?

Morgan, a famous old car company, making famous old cars.

Until next time........

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  1. I've always been fascinated by Morgans. I first knew of their existence in a movie, "The Party," starring Peter Sellers. I was visiting a friend in Great Falls, MT, one warm summer day when we heard the unmistakable sound of a V-twin go by on the street. I didn't sound quite like a Harley Davidson or even an Indian. I just managed to get a glimpse of a Morgan trike as it disappeared up the street. Now Great Falls isn't that large a city; at the time it might've been around 65,000 so you couldn't completely hide something like a Morgan trike but that is the ONLY time I saw one in the flesh, and it was a fleeting glimpse at that. No, I take that back; I DID see a much newer version at the World of Wheels in Calgary four years ago. I've always loved the styling of the Morgan 4-wheelers and I would jump at the opportunity to buy one but it would take a major windfall with either a book/movie deal or the lottery to score something like that. I might add that I also love the MG TF which is maybe a little closer to my budget.