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Friday, June 9, 2017

June 9: Lexus Racing: An oxymoron?

Some phrases just don't seem to go well together and Lexus Racing sure is one of them. But, a picture is worth a thousand words and as you know, the camera never lies, so check this out.........

On the other hand, just think about it.........here is a car brand, that has sold vehicles, which ride like magic carpets and magic carpets that encounter no turbulence at that. Put a Lexus on a race track? Wash your mouth out with soap and perish the thought. Ah, but those of you with any interest in cars, know that something has been a foot at Lexus for the last couple of years. Going from a polarizing new design language to a couple of vehicles, which it hopes are worthy BMW competitors.

Models like the new RC.......

And the flagship coupe, the LC500.........


Both showing up at the party with those outlandish Schick razor look-a-like grilles, which say Lexus, but not in a good way. I saw my first LC yesterday parked in a driveway a couple of blocks from home. It was white (Ultra White to be precise) and no matter how much I take Lexus to task about their designs, this car had presence and quite frankly looked amazing. The design is certainly out there, and apart from that front end, is quite striking. It had the look that even non car people would take notice of.

Now back to that oxymoron, Lexus Racing. The RC and the LC are the tools that Lexus will be using to carve its way thru traffic, enroute to the win on the track and credibility on the showroom floor. Take that BMW and Mercedes.

For the marketing types amongst you, brand direction changes are interesing to watch. Can a brand make the change from twenty five years of being considered a high quality mobile sofa to making edgy, track tested automobiles? Great question. Cadillac did it by successfully equipping the CTS-V for track wars and winning. Can Lexus?

Possibly, in the not too distant future, the oxymoron will be Lexus Not Racing. Who knows? Certainly the way Lexus is headed these days, the perception is changing bit by bit, so that in the future, when one thinks of Lexus, this may well be the image that comes to mind.......

Lexus certainly hopes so.

Until next time.........

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