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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Geneva and other stuff

How many aging hippies are out there  (I guess if you were a hippy, you would definitely be aging)? Well, VW just might have your new van. The Bulli was shown in Geneva this week  -  where do they get names like that. A Mack truck should be called the Bulli, not some cute as a button mini-mini van. Nothing definite, but that's twice VW has rolled out this little gem, so just maybe.......

Family man, but with the $ and longing for a sportscar? Ferrari's FF is made for you  -  it's a hatchback, so lots of room for camping gear and groceries (oops, I forgot, your wife does the shopping). Unusual style for a Ferrari, but then folks said that about a Porsche suv and also their 4 door. Probably the ideal car for a playboy who never knows where he's spending the night and likes to carry a small suitcase at all times. Nuff said!

Acura is dropping their 2012 TL early......later this month. Acura says it is a redesign  -  yeah right  -  it is a slight change to the TL's controversial front beak. I don't mind the current one, but then again I have one, but taste is in the mouth of the beholder.

Any other car modellers reading this or am I the only only one holding on to their youth (childhood)? My cat and I just finished the '68 Dart Hemi and it looks great  -  would I think otherwise?

Until next time...

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