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Friday, March 11, 2011

Misc Ramblings

I follow all sorts of racing but especially like NHRA and NASCAR, speaking of which NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is running a Pro-Stock at Gainesville this weekend  -  this is what you do when you have extra $ and a free weekend? What do you think of the Canadian supercar, the Plethore? It was on The Dragon's Den a few weeks back  -  can they sell enough to make money, can they sell any? Wouldn't you want a "name" on your multi 100 thousand dollar ride? I like seeing what the celebs drive (ie Globe Drive on Fridays), but it drives me nuts to see an article about a 10 year old Mazda  -  "The best car I ever owned  -  what a thrill to drive it! Might look at the new Corolla soon."  -  you have the money, spend it like David Clayton Thomas and his Audi $8.  
Tough time right now, my little 17 year old cat, Kyle (after Kyle Petty), has liver disease and is slowly slipping away. Time heals all wounds?

Until next time.....

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