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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Thoughts

Let's start with my pet peeve......don't people realize that daytime running lights don't operate their tail lights?? Too many times I have driven behind a car at night with no back lights  -  even pulled along side one at a light to tell them and they looked at me like my spaceship had just landed!

Some interesting US figures from Automotive News courtesy of Car & Driver........
- in 2010 Smart cars' sales dropped 59%! What does that tell us?
- the Prius outsold the Honda Insight by 6.7 times  -  nobody knows Honda sells hybrids?
- the BMW 7 series ($100,000+) outsold the Mitsubishi Gallant ($22,000+)  -  probably similar in Canada when the Gallant was last sold here in 2010.
- Mazda sold about 6370 Miatas, about the number of Camaros sold in December

Great end to the Nascar race in California yesterday with 2 passes for the lead in the last two laps. F1 had a typical race - watch the first few laps and know how the race would end.
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