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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 11: The Car Room

This old car scene is not some lot from back in the '50's, although that is what it depicts. It is a diorama of a real life location somewhere on the western end of Route 66 in Arizona. Some fellow in Ohio made it and I was lucky enough to pick it up several years for a relative song. I choose this pic to show you the different things that I have in my Car Room.

Ok, let's back track. When I started this blog several months ago, I mentioned that I made models and had a car room in my basement where the Car Modeling Cat and I hung out. There are actually  two rooms filled with pictures, models I've built, diecast models, Hot Wheels, Dinky Toys, 3 dioramas and a small library. Thought it would be interesting to show you a few pics of this hang out...........

Notice the trophy I won in 1971 when I raced my "71 Satellite in New Brunswick

Boxes up top are filled with about 120 unbuilt models 

An eclectic mix for sure, but who cares since no one is keeping score. I buy what I like and like what I buy. There are some I'd like to unload, so if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Until next time......

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