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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 25: Barry's cars cont'd

I really liked my '84 Camaro, but longed for something with more power and my business was doing well, so I upgraded to.........

My "arrest me" red 1987 IROC-Z had the standard V8, not the 'Vette motor, but with the manual it was quite quick  -  185 horsepower (boy how things have changed). After the 6 cylinder '84, it was a screamer and certainly not subtle. Handled beautifully and the quality was great.

As I mentioned, my business was doing well, so when I had the opportunity to indulge my passion for an older car, I rolled the dice. A "friend" and business associate had a gorgeous 1967 Cadillac Coupe de Ville  -  triple black -  which he was selling. Seemed like a great deal from the outrside looking in.

1967 Cadillac brochure pic - Coupe de Ville in foreground

You can see the size of this monster and the roof design emphasized it. Now about some issues......

1) couldn't find a garage big enough in central Toronto in which to store it in winter
2) needed brakes all around
3) starter went
4) where body mounts on the frame rails was rusted thru

Sure, I could have had it fixed, but it would have taken up all my "fun" cash  -  no more magazines, no more books, no more models. A valuable lesson was learned, if I was to have an old car, I either needed to be able to fix it myself or afford to get it done elsewhere. This was going to be a money pit.

Solution? Only one and that was to sell it after only one year. An expensive lesson, but it could have been much worse. Oh well, time to move on.

 You think I got a wheelstander next?? Not quite, but this is a pic of the model that the Car Modeling Cat and I are currently working on - the Little Red Wagon from the '60's. We were off modeling for a while as we tried to initiate a new cat into the household. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but thankfully we found Checkers a great new home.  He'll be missed.

Until next time........

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