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Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct 7: Turkeys

Seems appropriate that with the Thankgiving weekend upon us, that we should talk about turkeys and the auto business has had tons. But for this blog, let's focus on a couple of the more widely known and one obscure Brit.

Who could forget this beast out of Pontiac.......

The poor, unfortunate Aztec was from a company trying to be edgy, but forgetting that even edges can be good looking. Just make it edgy and ugly as sin  -  what a concept. Once inside it was a good vehicle, but try walking up to it without feeling nauseous  -  harder than one might think. No matter what GM did over the Aztec's life, they couldn't get it to look less than brutally ugly.

Now let's go back 50 years to the true meaning of an expensive debacle.......

Truth in advertising......the Edsel was here to stay, but only for two and a half years. That front end has inspired more jokes/ridicule than 100 other cars combined. Does it remind you of "The Scream" painting? Google it and see it you disagree. Another view......

If you listen closely, you can still hear the sound of enormous amounts of cash being flushed down the toilet.

And what about this obscure British sports car, the Marcos.....

Can you believe that a stylist would design this and feel good about it?? Not a single line on this bizarre creation works with another. The British have produced some strange cars, but this baby takes the cake. Now here is the kicker......they actually sold a few! Who walks into a showroom, sees this monster and says sign me up?

Hope I didn't spoil your Thanksgiving dinner.

Until next time.......

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