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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18: Utes

Actually, not much of a car and not much of a truck, but in 1957 Ford brought to the US the car based pick-up, a style called the ute, that had been popular in Australia for years. Ford called theirs the Ranchero and it was initially based on their full size car, later on their compacts, then an intermediate where it stayed until its lifespan was done. Chevrolet called theirs an El Camino and followed suite with a full size model then going to the intermediate platform.

Our versions differed from the Australian model in a very distinct way........
A newer Ford Falcon and an older model

Check out the softly rounded roofline vs the hard edged one on the North American Ranchero or the '59 El Camino below........

These were never more than a novelty item over here and seldom were very many sold. They were good for llight loads, but lacked in interior room as you can imagine from these pics. Like a station wagon without its roof.
Late '50's Holden

For some reason, the Aussies love their utes and continue to make them to this day and we almost got one recently. Before Pontiac was given the axe, they showed a G8 ute (based on the Holden Caprice) that was planned for a North American release.

This would have been a hot pick-up with the big V8 that was in the sedan, but I didn't figure that they would sell very many at all. Regardless, Pontiac got the axe and this ute went down the drain with the rest of the line. Oh, what might have been.

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